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LPleasant greenery breathes life into every room of Alexafnes’ 1930s home in Issy-les-Mullinaud, a suburb of Paris. “We have nature everywhere,” she said, speaking from her home office where the tendrils on the living wall behind her steadily creep into the sky. The downstairs dining room extension is designed to have a strong connection to the terrace surrounding the house. The bathroom also has a tropical atmosphere, facing the balcony where ferns and holiday hammocks are hung.

Alexa lives here with her husband Alvin and her eight- and ten-year-old sons, and continues the lush theme in the living room. In the living room, real plants are mixed with framed herbarium. A layer of glass.

Outside the wall: lush background to Alexa’s home office. Photo: French Bulldog

This process of preserving tropical leaves thus preserves has a long history as a method of identifying specimens, often for medicinal purposes. “Apart from the scientific heritage, these tropical leaves also look gorgeous,” says Alexa, an architect and interior designer who leads Atelier Germain. Two years ago, she acquired the French company Jardin Pamplemousse, which has been manufacturing herbarium for over 20 years. “They are still made in workshops near Paris, where everything from drying the leaves to cutting the glass to framing is done by hand,” she explains. “But we found that a little modernization of the look could help them get the attention they deserve.”

Fly high: Pressed ferns decorate the bookshelf in the living room, which consists of white and light gray. A popular snooze spot for family pet French bulldogs.
Fly high: Pressed ferns decorate the bookshelf in the living room, which consists of white and light gray. A popular snooze spot for family pet French bulldogs. Photo: French Bulldog

The silhouette of these giant leaves on the walls of Alexa’s house has a natural impact on her deliberately simplified plans. In the family living room, most furniture and surfaces are offered in shades of black, white, or gray, with the exception of one wall painted in Chartreuse. “I like to use neutral colors as the base, and then I add colors for objects and a few dashes to personalize the space,” explains Alexa. She also found that a neutral foundation makes things easier to change when bored. “Immediately you can make your room feel completely new,” she adds.

Alexa and Albin Funès made major changes to their home three years ago, and they added a dining room expansion to break into part of a small garden. This may seem counter-intuitive to green lovers, but the room’s roof lamps and sliding glass doors are a more practical way to enjoy the great outdoors all year round. Means What the family lost in square meters in the garden space, they got in the available internal space. “It also completely changed the feel of the adjacent kitchen and living room beyond that,” she says. “Now, the three spaces are circular, bright and connected to the outside. This is always good in my book.”

Alexa is free to admit that there are tropical gardens and greenhouses, and loved visiting historic gardens before travel was restricted.Her favorites are: La Bambouseraie In Cevennes Exotic garden With monaco Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden In Miami. Close to home Sale de Touille In Paris, we are currently raising the level of plants. “These places vividly remind us of the beauty of nature and its impact on us,” she says.

As an architect and interior designer, Alexa is always thinking about how features and styles intersect and praises the work of early modernist designers. Charlotte Perriand.. “Her design has always focused on functionality, and her compact kitchen for Le Corbusier’s Citeradius is great. And, of course, I love her LC4 chaise longue.”

Alexa Fume's 1930 Home
Please take a good rest. Master bedroom with distinctive tiled walls, more pressed ferns and an open dressing room. Photo: French Bulldog

The furniture in this family home is a high-low mix that works with mainstream items in classic designs such as Sori Yanagi’s classic Vitra butterfly stool., House Doctor and Caravan. Second, there are plenty of Atelier Germain items designed in-house or by collaborators, which Alexa brings in on a regular basis.

Alexa created a room that works for the family by increasing the structure and detail of these spaces. “It’s a house full of light and nature,” she adds. “During the blockage, this house definitely made our captivity happier.”; @ateliergermain

Outer edge: Green living space in Paris | Interior

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