Our Chicago: City Hall Celebrate Pride Month

Chicago (WLS)-Chicago News’ # 1 station, ABC 7, celebrates Pride Month on June 10th and June 24th on all platforms, including two special virtual town halls. This week Forum is available at ABC 7 Chicago I-Team Consumer Research Reporter Jason Knowles, Thursday, June 10th, at 2:00 pm on

In this forum, Jason Knowles, along with some of Chicago’s leaders in business and non-profit, will explore a variety of issues related to the LBGTQ + community. They delve deeper into issues such as legal issues affecting the trans community, recent legislation, and the imbalanced impact of the criminal law system on this community. Anti-homosexual hate incidence and programs provided to help victims Whether the lesbian community feels “listening” in general LGBTQ discourse. The impact of a pandemic on this community. Another topic in the discussion changed the name of the historically gay neighborhood known as “Boystown” to “North Alstead” and concerns about the current FDA’s restrictions on blood donations from gay men. Finally, learn more about Chicago’s legacy projects. A non-profit cultural / educational charity that focuses on emphasizing and promoting LGBTQ’s contribution to world history and culture.

The guest panelists of the City Hall this week are:
-Mary Morten, Morten Group
-Lassia Wade, Brave Space Alliance
-Victor Salvo, Legacy Project Chicago
-Diego Cevallos-Garzon, Strong Hands Gym
-Avi Rudnick, Chicago House and Transformative Justice Law Project (TJLP)

The Virtual City Hall was also exclusively live streamed on ABC 7’s Facebook Live, YouTube, ABC 7 apps, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and Roku’s ABC 7 Connected TV app.


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About ABC7 / WLS-TV Chicago
ABC7 / WLS-TV Chicago is Chicago’s most watched local news source and most watched TV station. ABC7 Eyewitness News is the market’s largest social media with decades of top-rated daily news broadcasts and more than 2.3 million Facebook followers, with the latest news, investigative journalism, weather, politics, traffic and sports. Offering to Chicago in platform space. Suburbs and northwestern Indiana. Named Best News Operation for the Fourth Consecutive Year by The Associated Press, the station produces 41 hours of local news each week, Chicago’s only weekday local entertainment talk show, Windy City LIVE, and the highest-rated New Year’s Eve special. doing. ABC7’s award-winning shows such as “Heart and Soul,” “The O Beat,” and “Asia’s Influence” showcase Chicago’s diversity and at the same time represent a parade that represents Chicago’s rich cultural history. It is the only Chicago station to produce and broadcast. In addition to creating a town hall that focuses on current social issues, the station has a long tradition of broadcasting discussions of political candidates who continue to inform voters in Chicago. ABC7’s outreach efforts are at the forefront of an annual partnership with the Red Cross for life-saving blood donations and, more recently, an effort to raise more than $ 1.5 million for local food pantry.

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Our Chicago: City Hall Celebrate Pride Month

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