OnlyOffice Desktop Editors Review: All Microsoft Office Editing Needs in One App

OnlyOffice is a business-class productivity platform designed for in-house team collaboration. Most of its products are aimed at small businesses, but they also offer home-use Microsoft Office alternatives. It’s unique in that a single desktop app contains documents, spreadsheets, and a presentation editor. It works with the most popular file formats such as DOCX, ODT, XLSX, ODS, CSV, PPTX, ODP and is free to use on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

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The familiar Office-style interface makes it easy to get started.


Like most Office alternatives, Only Office supports Microsoft’s ribbon interface. The tabbed toolbar is unified across all three editors. House Here are the editing and formatting tools. put in You can add images, shapes and other elements to your documents / spreadsheets / presentations. Layout tool Controls page margins, orientation, and size. And so on. Each editor also contains tool tabs that are specific to that document type (in the document editor). References The toolbar contains options for adding table of contents, footnotes, hyperlinks, and image captions, and the spreadsheet editor has tabs dedicated to formulas, data, and pivot tables.

Includes all 3 editors collaboration When protection As a top-level navigation item. First, you can track edit changes and add and review comments when you connect to your cloud solution. Second, you can add signatures to your documents and password-encrypt files. Several plugins are also included to extend the functionality of each editor. You can embed YouTube videos in documents and presentations, translate text into multiple languages, and email files directly from the editor.

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OnlyOffice faithfully formats all Microsoft Office file types.

Working with documents is very easy. Each file opens in its own tab, similar to a web browser. OnlyOffice is a stand-alone app that contains three editors rather than three separate apps, so you can easily switch between them, for example, by opening documents and spreadsheets side by side. The editor uses the same color coding as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (blue for documents, green for spreadsheets, red for presentations), so you can see at a glance what type of files are open. In my tests, all three editors were able to faithfully reproduce Office-style documents.

OnlyOffice supports several cloud solutions that enable real-time collaboration. OnlyOffice’s own cloud seems to be the best choice for most users, but if you’re already using Nextcloud, ownCloud, or Seafile, you can connect to them as well. In addition to co-editing and commenting on documents, connecting a desktop editor to one of these cloud services also allows users to interact using chat.

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You can work with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations side by side.

Outstanding features

  • Excellent Microsoft Office compatibility
  • Familiar Microsoft-like interface
  • One app contains 3 editors

Missing features

OnlyOffice Desktop Editors are ideal for:

Users who like the customizability of open source products can find a lot in Only Office. Only Office can be extended and loaded with a range of existing plugins for popular apps such as Box, DocuSign and WordPress.If you can’t find what you’re looking for in a vast area App directory, You can create your own plugins using the OnlyOffice API. Those who are interested in productivity will find Only Office attractive. This saves desktop space and CPU usage so you can process all your documents in a single app.

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OnlyOffice Desktop Editors Review: All Microsoft Office Editing Needs in One App

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