One in three men gives up watching soccer to get rid of tummy fat.

New York — Watching college football every Saturday and watching NFL games every Sunday afternoon is a must for millions of men across the country. And while throwing back some cold stuff to wash away the spicy chicken wings plate is closely related to football, many fans are keenly aware that this is simply not good for their belly. ..

More than one-third (37%) give up football games in a new poll of 2,000 American men over the age of 30 Other sporting events 2 months if that means they can sport 6 packs or a flat stomach.

Overall, 39% say their belly is the greatest physical attribute they change about themselves. Of course, the football season makes it very difficult for a guy who loves grid irons to get rid of his stomach slack. 37% say they usually gain weight from September to January, and 53% say they gain more than 10 pounds.

Goodbye love life, hello abdominal muscles

Soccer is not the only thing men give up.Conducted by polls, OnePoll And consignment Nutrition systemAlso revealed that a quarter of men give up two months of love life because of a flatter belly.

By the early 30s, one in five men began to lose confidence. More than 50% aren’t confident in their appearance, so dating after reaching the age of 30 isn’t comfortable. Another 47% of men admit that they are worried that their loved ones are not as attractive as they used to be.

Men’s health and wellness It seems to come to mind more than ever, as 43% of men believe that mental and physical health is as important as wealth and current lifestyle. Given the choice of being promoted at work or losing £ 20, 30% choose to focus on their weight loss goals.

“When you lose weight, you not only lose total fat, but also Stubborn tummy fat“Nutrisystem’s Director of Clinical Research and Nutrition, Courtney McCormick of MPH, RDN and LDN, said in a statement. “Excess fat around the abdomen responds well to a high-protein, low-GI diet, so pay attention to your part, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and stick to whole-grain and lean protein. please.”

Impact on social media and the body image of men

Even more interesting, 68% believe it was created by social media Unrealistic body standards For men in the last 10 years.

However, most men believe that making changes can help. Half of the poll men believe that losing weight makes them feel better about themselves. Another 45% feel they need to lose more than £ 11 to gain confidence.This is 46% of men At least £ 21 increased The last 10 years.

“It’s very important to have a game plan,” says Hall of Fame quarterback and Nutrisystem Ambassador Dan Marino. “Simpleness, versatility and correct portion size are important, especially for men.”

When it comes to getting back on track, 53% of men believe that making a clear plan for a healthy diet helps them best achieve their health goals. While 38% of respondents feel that teaming up with a partner is the driving force behind their success, 35% prefer to have a healthy diet at the door.

One in three men gives up watching soccer to get rid of tummy fat.

Source link One in three men gives up watching soccer to get rid of tummy fat.

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