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Beijing (AP) — Not enough food. Inedible meal. There is no training equipment. Some Olympic athletes who were unlucky enough to test positive for the coronavirus at the Beijing Olympics feel that the poor quarantine situation is exacerbated.

“I have a stomachache, it’s very pale, and there’s a big black circle around my eyes. I want to end this all. I cry every day. Russian biathlon rival Valeria Vasnetsova is the so-called quarantine in Beijing. Posted on Instagram from one of the hotels.

Her problem was not a symptom of the virus. It was food.

Vasnetsova posted a photo on Thursday saying “Breakfast, lunch and dinner are already 5 days”. This is a tray of food such as plain pasta, orange sauce, burnt meat with bones, a few potatoes, and no greens.

She said it was “impossible” to eat the rest, so most of the time she survived with a few pieces of pasta. She lost a lot of her weight and she added, “My bones are already sticking out.”

Quarantine hotels are becoming the subject of criticism from athletes and their teams working with organizers to improve. Lack of transparency, only some virus-positive athletes are forced into quarantine hotels that are inaccessible to the team, and teammates in similar situations are allowed to be quarantined within the Olympic village.

According to the rules for athletes who test positive, asymptomatic athletes go to a private hotel for quarantine. Anyone with symptomatic COVID-19 goes to the hospital. In either case, they will not be able to compete until discharge is permitted.

The team began publishing with criticism.

German delegation leader Dirk Simmelpfennig blamed “irrational” living conditions after three-time Nordic combined gold medalist Eric Frenzel tested positive. Germany wants larger, more hygienic rooms and more regular food delivery, so athletes who will eventually be released are still suitable for competition, Simmelpfennig said in the FAZ newspaper. Said in the comment reported.

The pressure can be rewarded.Belgian skeleton racer Kim Mailemans was brought back From the quarantine hotel to the isolation in the Olympic Village after she shed tears on social media. Her main complaint was the lack of information. She was loaded into an ambulance and transferred from one quarantine facility to another on the day she thought she was released.

Vasnetsova spent time in quarantine with a little detective work. As she took out the food left outside the door, she glanced at the boxes left outside the other rooms in the hallway. The door was marked to distinguish between Olympic athletes and other people who tested positive, such as team staff.

She concluded that the athlete’s diet was deteriorating and underlined the photo of the diet provided to the team doctor. The team doctor was also positive on the test and lived downstairs. He ate fresh fruits, salads and broccoli shrimp.

“I don’t know to be honest, but why do we as athletes have this attitude ?!” she wrote.

Two days after her criticism, Vasnetsova is still in quarantine, but the situation is improving.

Sergei Averiyanov, a spokesman for the Russian biathlon team, posted photos of improved meals delivered to Vasnetsova’s room, including salmon, cucumbers, sausages and yogurt. He added that the exercise bike will be delivered soon.

Vasnetsova writes, “I’m already smiling and that’s the main thing.”

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Olympic team raises concerns about hotel quarantine | Health

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