Oakley supports German e-commerce companies

Oakley Helps German E-Commerce Companies – The Oakley Capital Origin Fund has taken control of two major providers of German-speaking e-commerce software, Afterbuy and DreamRobot. These will be merged into a newly formed ECOMMERCE ONE group.

Both companies offer a comprehensive suite of software as a service (“SaaSA solution for small and medium-sized online merchants who sell their products through web shops and online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. The platform allows users to manage and automate difficult, manual, time-critical processes such as multi-channel product listings, data collection, and inventory management. To date, a total merchandise volume of over € 50 billion has been processed throughout the business.

These two investments mark the beginning of a strategy aimed at solidifying ECOMMERCE ONE’s position as a market-leading provider of small and medium-sized online merchants in the DACH (Germany / Austria / Switzerland) region. Oakley leverages its proven track record of successful investments in WebPro and Ekon to support business growth through operational experience and software purchasing and building expertise.

According to Oakley, the e-commerce software market is growing rapidly, underpinned by structural changes as consumers trade more and more online and retailers launch and expand online services. .. Software tools such as Afterbuy and DreamRobot enable merchant e-commerce success by simplifying tasks and providing a comprehensive overview and control center for all sales and transaction processes. This gives you a loyal customer base and recurring subscription revenue.

Oakley Capital Investment has a trading share of £ 6m. Following this, it still has £ 173 million of liquid resources.

OCI: Oakley Supports German E-Commerce Company

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Oakley supports German e-commerce companies

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