Note: The final return of Curbelo could raise Illinois.Sports

Champaign — Andre Crubero occupied the same place on the Illinois bench that occupied most of the two months on Friday night. Second grade point guards wore streetwear again for 11 consecutive games as their recovery from an undisclosed illness progressed toward the third month.

However, Curbelo is working towards its return. He actually returned after a “minor retreat” at the beginning of the week, and Illinois coach Brad Underwood sees it as progress. The only remaining question is when Curbelo will return to court for Irina.

However, that final return could benefit Illinois. Carbello did not do his best in the second half of the match against Kansas State University on November 23, but Puerto Rico’s Vega Baja still has a skill set that can enhance Irini.

“I think I like the fact that Illinois has changed the attack a bit,” BTN analyst Brian Butch told The News-Gazette earlier this week. “They’re still in the pick and roll system, but not much is done. They get it back, that’s another look they can do.

“I think another thing about Curbelo is that Illinois will benefit at once when he comes back. It’s a change of pace. He’s already done that. Now should he get off the bench? It’s not my decision, but he has a great flow, so he might fit this team to get off the bench. Illinois is currently the hottest team in the Big Ten. They are now I think it’s the best team in the Big Ten. Looking at it, how do you add such a piece? “

The difference Curbelo makes to Illinois aggressively is the ability to break defenses and enter the lane from bounce. Senior Guard Trent Frazier has shown an increased ability to do that, and although he succeeded in Nebraska on Tuesday, Crubero can take it to another level.

“It puts pressure on the (opposite) Bigs, and does your help go out of your shooter?” Butch said. “What do you do? That means he meanders the ball screen, puts a guy on his hips, turns a corner, and now he’s very good at what he has. He has a shooter. Or have a big float on the rim. It’s really hard to protect. “


Not much love was lost between Illinois and Michigan heading for the Friday night match. Hunter Dickinson, a sophomore center in Michigan, hasn’t recorded “no one likes Illinois” at Big Ten Media Day last fall in Indianapolis.

Dickinson didn’t play Friday night, but Irini wore it almost as a proud badge.

“I’m glad that no one likes us,” Frazier said. “I’m glad people hate playing against us. It shows how good we are. Coach Underwood has done an incredible job of changing this program. We play at a high level every night. “

“It made us feel better because it shows that we are playing so hard that everyone hates us,” said sophomore forward Coleman Hawkins. Said. “We are hard to beat. People don’t play the same when we play, and it’s clear. I think it’s a kind of compliment to us.”


Frazier played 38 minutes before Nebraska and 40 minutes before Maryland. The veteran guard played against Michigan on Friday and ranked 7th in terms of the number of minutes played in the Big Ten.

As a result, Underwood began to consider at least actually managing Frazier’s minutes. It’s not an easy task.

“When I actually take him out, Trent becomes (tickled),” Underwood said. “He and (freshman guard Brandin Podziemski) were heading for it (on Wednesday) like the NBA Finals and Finals Four. They’re actually watching Trent, so they have to do it a bit for himself. Must, but he wants to go. The kid is wired to compete, but we try to be a little more sensitive to it. “

Frazier simply says that. He doesn’t get tired.

“Whether it’s 30 seconds or 1 minute, I take a rest with a media timeout, and I always say I’m ready to go to the coach,” Frazier said. “I choose and choose in the game when I need to play or be aggressive. I don’t want to commit suicide in the first half, but I’m still not tired. I feel tired. Overcome and just keep pushing yourself. “

Assistant coach Chester Frazier actually pushed Trent Frazier. The latter said he had a good relationship with both new assistant coaches, but it’s the Chester Fraser he’s associated with the strongest.

“It’s just his energy,” Trent Frazier said of a former Irini guard. “In fact, he chases it. He just feeds him because he loves defense as much as I do. He obviously says that when I’m in court, I sometimes see I’m looking sideways at what’s not. He and (Tim Anderson) have a tough job of talking to me in the game. I choose when I need to be proactive and choose the right reading. Find out. Just do what you can to help my team. Chester is a man of incredible energy and a great character. “


Illinois posted a single-digit sales game in a row only once this season. The fact that there were two games before Friday could indicate that Illini has a little more control over the actual sales issue.

“Maybe it’s actually a lot of line drills running for every turnover built a mechanism in their heads,” Underwood said. “To be honest, I think it’s just an understanding. It’s chemistry. It’s something we didn’t have early on. We were doing a lot of things, but it didn’t work. But now it’s calm. Everyone knows where the shots are coming from.

“Still, most of our sales are now aggressive sales. They are not passive. They allow people to tear the ball out of their hands, as it happened in Arizona games. Not. Hopefully we’re getting better in the field. “


The expanded pandemic (now approaching its third year) has not affected Illinois’ ability to raise significant seven-digit donations to support multiple teams. The latest was a $ 5 million gift from CA Ventures, a real estate investment company founded by Tom Scott, Alum, Illinois, and made possible by the Scott Family Foundation.

Seven-digit donations affect three programs. Most of it ($ 4 million) was provided to support the ongoing refurbishment and expansion of the Ubben Basketball Complex. The final $ 1 million will be donated to the Illinois Men’s Tennis Program. CA Ventures also donated $ 2.5 million to the Smith Football Center in 2018.

Uben’s refurbishment and expansion will add approximately 40,000 square feet to the existing building, while at the same time remodeling most of the building. Two new half coats will be added to both men’s and women’s gym spaces. The project also includes the addition of new strength and conditioning, player recovery space, and state-of-the-art sports medicine facilities.

“Thanks to CA Ventures for their support for Fighting Illinois Basketball, Illinois Athletics, and the University of Illinois,” Underwood said in a statement on Friday. “They are committed to providing our student athletes with a first-class experience, and their generosity to the Uben refurbishment project will ensure that they meet the standards of everyone participating in this program.”

Note: The final return of Curbelo could raise Illinois.Sports

Source link Note: The final return of Curbelo could raise Illinois.Sports

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