Norway blames Chinese hackers

Oslo [Norway], July 20 (ANI): On Monday, the Norwegian government officially attributed an email account breach related to the Norwegian parliament to a Chinese hacker involved in exploiting a vulnerability in Microsoft’s Exchange Server.

The Norwegian parliament in March said the email system was compromised as part of a Microsoft Exchange Server incident.

“This was a very serious incident affecting our most important democratic institutions,” Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Solade said in a statement. “As a result of a detailed intelligence assessment, we believe the vulnerability was exploited by actors operating outside of China.” Solade contacted the Chinese embassy, ​​as Storting was the victim of this abuse. “This revelation officially accuses China of China with a massive hack of Microsoft Exchange email server software, and criminal hackers associated with the Chinese government perform ransomware and other illegal cyber operations. Occurs on the day you claim to have done it.

The minister pointed out the allies’ attribution to China as part of their opposition to the attack.

“We hope that China will take this issue seriously and prevent such incidents from repeating,” Solade emphasized. “Allowing the execution of such malicious cyber activities contradicts the Code of Responsible National Code of Conduct approved by all UN Member States.” Infringement as part of a vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange Server. Was not the first hacking incident that hit the Norm government. last year.

Storting announced in September that it had been hit by an “IT attack” and that a small number of parliamentarians and staff had successfully downloaded data from these accounts by the attackers. (ANI)

Norway blames Chinese hackers

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