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No. 4 Cincinnati is on the secret to success in the College Football Playoff. Defeat everyone on schedule and wait for other candidates in front of Bearcats in the rankings.

Bearcats (11-0, 7-0 American Athletic Conference; CFP No. 4) is looking for a repeat performance of last weekend’s event to play in East Carolina on Friday.

Cincinnati, ranked outside the final fourth place of the CFP, surpassed SMU 48-14 and saw Oregon fall to Utah. The duck was ranked 3rd in the CFP, and its defeat paved the way for Cincinnati to move to the playoffs field in 4th place in the Commission’s latest Top 25.

Bearcats coach Luke Fickel said after the latest ranking, “We are trying to emphasize that there is still a long way to go.” “There are two really big games in front of us, but I think all the excitement and perceptions about it deserve a group of people who really fought and fought all year long.”

Cincinnati is about to finish their second 12-0 regular season against Pirates (7-4, 5-2). In addition to staying undefeated, Bearcats is one step closer to becoming the first team in history to play for a national title outside of Power Five.

And things seem to be in fashion in the Cincinnati way. The leading teams in the CFP rankings (2nd in Ohio State University and 3rd in Alabama) are on the verge of a tough match.

Fickel wants Bearcats to focus only on what they can control. Finish powerfully with East Carolina. Pirates have won four games in a row and are excited to host the top five teams for the first time since 2006.

Pirates coach Mike Houston understands that his club needs to delay AAC’s top-scoring attack and the Heisman Trophy candidate in quarterback Desmond Rider.

“It will be a challenge, but our kids are excited about it,” Houston said.

Riders have passed 829 yards and 10 touchdowns in the last four games without interception. He was thrown to Pirates with three wins at 823 yards and eight TDs about as much.

Lider believes his team will drown out the noise of the playoffs and focus on East Carolina. “Everyone concentrates, sticks to the game, and keeps sticking to what we have to do,” he said. “I think that’s what makes us successful there.”

Ford tough

Cincinnati’s tailback, Jerome Ford, is within several school milestones this season. His 16 rushing TDs this season are within three of Mike Warren’s school records set in 2018. Ford has made a total of 17 touchdowns this year, three behind Warren’s mark. And Ford is in a hurry for 971 yards, and will probably break that mark this weekend.

Winning season

East Carolina has won the Bowl Bath in the last four games and won the first winning season since losing the Birmingham Bowl to Florida 28-20 in 2014 8-5. Pirates appear to rival the five consecutive wins of the year in the face of Cincinnati.

Rider Winds

Cincinnati QB Desmond Rider was the fourth FBS quarterback in 40 career wins, winning the SMU 48-14 to take 42nd place. By defeating East Carolina, fourth-year passers-by can consistently move up to third place and break the relationship between TCU Andy Dalton and Georgia’s David Green. Riders were able to chase Colt McCoy’s 45-win second-place mark in Texas. Boise State University’s Kellen Moore leads with 50 wins.

About scholarships

Mike Houston had already decided to pay the walk-on kicker Owen Daferon scholarship, so in the last few seconds of Pirates’ 38-35 victory in the Marines last week, Duffer had a long career in the 54-yard field. I was happy to see that I had achieved my goal. “I didn’t tell him or his parents or anyone that there was no more moment to talk to him,” Houston said. “It makes him much more of (a) a special moment.”

Tight game

Cincinnati coach Luke Fickell isn’t crazy about playing in East Carolina. East Carolina has been a difficult place for Bearcats in recent years. Cincinnati was thrilled at 48-20 in 2017, but needed a slow field goal to escape with a 46-43 victory in 2019. As the team over the last five weeks and how they played, “Fickel said.

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No. 4 Steps to Cincinnati’s Historic CFP Bath: Win, Wait | WGN Radio 720

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