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Norman, Oklahoma (AP) Lincoln Riley steadily asked questions about the situation in Oklahoma’s quarterback before giving details that he considers most important.

The snooze is winning.

Fourth-placed Oklahoma (6-0, 3-0 Big 12) will bring 14 consecutive wins to the nation’s leading prime-time match against TCU on Saturday. And while understanding interest in the fact that Caleb Williams replaced pre-season All-American Spencer Rattler with a 55-48 victory over Texas last Saturday, Riley Is more interested in profits.

“The other part we have to remember — I think we’re winning 13 or 14 games in a row right now,” he said. The sky hasn’t fallen completely. I think we have that in mind. Spencer didn’t do his best early in the game the other day, and Caleb came in and did the work of God. It wasn’t perfect either, but he did a good job. “

Riley did not appoint a starting quarterback prior to the TCU match. He says he will make decisions based on what he sees that week. Anyway, Sooners have won 5 wins with less than 7 points this season, comparable to the school record of just 6 games in the season. With victory in West Virginia and Texas, the Snurs scored victory points in the final snap.

The rally to Texas caught the attention of TCU coach Gary Patterson. Oklahoma was early at 28-7 and dragged at 35-17 before Williams replaced Ratler.

“That is, to be honest, we need to give them credit. They have been depressed all the time and have counterattacked,” Patterson said. That’s what the champion does. That’s what we did when we won the championship. “

TCU quarterback Max Duggan and running back Zach Evans are suspected of being injured.

Evans suffered a leg injury in the first half of his 52-31 defeat against Texas Tech last Saturday and did not play after a break. He rushed 143 yards in the first half and became the first TCU to rush at least 100 yards for four consecutive games since 2002. He averages 7.9 yards per carry and has recorded five touchdowns.

Dagan passed 1,003 yards in nine touchdowns, rushing to 186 yards and two scores. He played all but one series against Texas Tech. Patterson did not reveal the nature of Dagan’s injury. He didn’t exclude Duggan, but said he needed to be ready for backup.

Oklahoma’s backup was ready for Texas, and now Sooners wants them to be able to start their regular push towards the Big 12 titles. In Riley’s last four years, after playing in Texas, the Snurs set a 22-1 record in the Big 12 regular season play and won the league every year.

“This is usually when we really soar and play the best ball, which is certainly our intention now,” he said. “I’m really focused on the positive and exciting things about our team.”

Support system

Williams had a lot of help for Texas. Kennedy Brooks rushed through his career’s best of 217 yards, including a 33-yard touchdown run that won the game. And Marvin Mims did that with five catches and two touchdowns at 136 yards. He averages over 20 yards per catch.

Big catch

Mim’s 52-yard touchdown catch against Texas was very nice and incredible.

Mimus fired backwards about three yards, caught the ball near the goal line and barely inbound his left foot for a score that cut the Texas lead 41-39.

“When I first saw it, I think I was on the sidelines looking up to see if they were going to review it,” he said. “I was honestly surprised, especially how far my legs were.”

Special frog

TCU is ranked 6th in the country in kick-off return, 32.1 yards in one trial.

JD Spielman averages 33.6 yards per return and is the fourth best fit in the country. He is second in the Big 12 after the Kansas State Fair Fairs. Australian Punter Jordy Sandy averages 47 yards in 14 punts. The horned frog is ranked 21st in the country by net punting.

Main additions

Oklahoma, backed by Marcus Major, qualifies after missing the first five games.

The major was cleared by the NCAA shortly before the Texas match, but didn’t play. Riley said it was a nice surprise and a great boost for the lacking position. The major ran 187 yards and made three touchdowns last season with a 35 carry.

“Returning him will certainly help,” Riley said. “He has some good experience and some good blasts. He will bring some size and real physics to the room, which will be a great addition.

Youth movement

Riley said playing Williams as a true freshman would have been a bigger problem a few years ago. Now, with the transfer portal, newcomers need to be ready.

“Now,’people, we need to contribute to you, you know, you will have the opportunity to contribute,” Riley said. And I think you have to rely more and more on those people. You need to prepare them more and more in every position, and I would say quarterbacks make no difference there. “

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No.4 Oklahoma Involves 14 Consecutive Wins in TCU Clash | WGN Radio 720

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