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San Jose, California (AP) Even when San Diego made its second 5-0 start in 47, the Aztecs were thinking about something else.

Home Loss to San Jose State University more than 11 months ago headed for a rematch with Spartan (3-3, 1-1) on Friday night in 24th place Aztec (5-0, 1-0 Mountain West). Is still stabbed.

“The game burned our hearts,” said Center Arama Uruabe. “I’ve been looking forward to it (at San Jose State University) the day after I lost last year. This game is also circled on the calendar. Not only as a team, but also as an O-line personally. I couldn’t get it, so I’m aiming to make up for it. “

San Diego State University was kept at the lowest of the season at 2.2 yards per carry, with a loss of 28-17 that helped deliver the conference title to Sparta.

The Aztecs led the game at the beginning of the fourth quarter before losing two TDs in the last 12 minutes.

“It wasn’t fun, I guarantee you that,” coach Brady Hawk said about looking back at the game this week. “Whenever we’re playing an opponent we played a year or two before watching the movie. We’re going to criticize it. What did we do and how did we do it? … Last year, the last 12 minutes weren’t interesting to anyone. “

Sparta took advantage of that victory to drive into an undefeated regular season and the Mountain West Championship, but did not play at that level in early 2021.

They have alternated wins and losses in six games this season, finishing a three-turnover game with 32-14 losses at Colorado State University last week.

“Now we’re in another place and we’re making a huge loss in Colorado,” said Brent Brennan. “We have to find that belief and we have to find that ability to end the game.”

QB question

Sparta may be back without starting quarterback Nick Starkel, who missed the last two games due to injury. Brennan said he wasn’t discussing the injury and wouldn’t mention whether Starkel or Nick Nash would start.

Nash has thrown five TD passes in the last two weeks, made two touchdown passes, and performed a go-ahead TD with a victory at San Diego State University last year after Starkel was injured and left early.

“I think we all held our breath a bit just because Nick (Nash) didn’t play much and didn’t play the full game,” Brennan said. “When Starkel quit the game, everyone was like” going here. ” “

In a trench

San Diego State University dominated trenches this season and joined the Army as the only team to rank in the top 10 in both rush attack and rush defense.

The Aztecs are ranked second in the nation, with a rush of 50 yards per game and an attack of 244.4 yards in eighth place. The rushing margin of plus -194.4 yards per game is the third in the country, followed only by the Air Force (plus -278.0) and the Army (plus -264.2).

San Diego State University is also the only FBS program that does not allow TDs to rush through the season.

Linebacker Cayden McDonald said, “That’s what our defense is already proud of and to stop running.” “We don’t want anyone to run us.”

Rough schedule

San Jose State University has a difficult schedule of playing three straight road games in September, including a series of weekly trips to Hawaii and West Michigan, and now playing two straight games with short breaks. increase. After playing at Colorado State University last week, the Spartans made a quick turnaround before the match against the Aztecs. They will have to start over before playing at UNLV next Thursday.

“How it aligns is how it aligns and you have to play,” Brennan said.

Just for the kick

One of San Diego’s biggest stars is the kicker / panther Matt Araiza. He is perfect with 23 additional points and is solid as a kicker by achieving 5 out of 8 field goals, but in reality Punt is the protagonist.

Araiza leads the nation with a 54.1-yard punt average, 3.08 yards above the 50.98 record set by Texas A & M Bradenman in 2018.

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Bernie Wilson, an AP sports writer from San Diego, contributed to this report.

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No.24 San Diego Street seeks revenge on San Jose Street | WGN Radio 720

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