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Minneapolis (AP) Gabe Brown, Malik Hall and Tyson Walker beat Minnesota 75-67 on Wednesday night in Goffers coach Ben Johnson’s first big ten opener and Spartans coach 27th. He defeated and scored 15 points each in 19th place in Michigan. Tom Izzo.

Brown had three 3 points as Sparta went 21-10 from a long distance against the Gophers team who participated in the game with 23.1% permission, the best 3 point defense in the country.

Hall (9) and Brown (8) were 44- by Sparta (8-2, 1-0), who was humiliated by Izzo and his staff defeated 81-56 at the Williams Arena a year ago. Fueled 29 rebound advantages. Remind me of this week.

Sixth grade senior Eric Curry scored 18 points, the highest in his career, and Jamison Battle scored 17 points at Gophers (7-1, 0-1). Deeper Spartan. Minnesota was one of the 12 undefeated NCAA Division I teams left when the day began.

Minnesota created the game by holding Sparta in one basket for the last four and a half minutes. This is a steel dunk sequence by Sean Sazarin, three pointers by Brown after the Gophers fell within 64-55 at the last media timeout. ..

Walker, a transfer from Northeastern, who was a Colonial Athletic Association Defensive Player of the Year last season, beat Payton Willis, Minnesota to 9 points with a 3-13 shot.

Gophers missed 13 of the first 16 shots, but it’s not without hustle and creativity. Sparta simply fixed the driving lane and was there to grab the rebound when the three pointers cut the edge. Eylijah Stephens found a refreshing pick-and-roll open hoop, but Brown just slammed his finger on the sheet.

Hauser scored 10 points, 7 rebounds and a tight defense in the battle. This is the 6th place scorer in the Big Ten. The first basket of the second grade had 8:59 left before half time. This is the 3 pointers from the top of the key that cut the Michigan State University lead to 17-15. Sparta quickly snapped back with a 25-9 spurt that stretched in the second half. Hauser hit three points, giving Sparta the biggest lead, 58-39, with 11:26 remaining.

On the way home

Izzo and Johnson met for the first time 25 years ago when Johnson was a sophomore point guard at De La Salle High School in Minneapolis, and Izzo began hiring him in Michigan. Johnson eventually chose Northwestern University and played for two seasons before moving to Minnesota.

Izzo said this week that Johnson would be his early choice for the Big Ten Coach of the Year. When Johnson was hired this spring, Izzo immediately provided congratulations and advice.

From graduates to what he does on the floor, their brand, who he is, and what he means for the college, the overall program and how he does and does it. Seeing that, I think for all the coaches, if you’re not trying to break apart how he did it, you’re responsible, “said Johnson.

Big picture

Michigan State University: Games like this are why Izzo has consistently packed the country’s power into the early slate. According to NCAA calculations, Spartans have the strongest schedule of all major conference teams. The defeats of No. 8 Kansas and No. 2 Baylor broke their record, but helped their cause in the Big Ten Road game.

Minnesota: The good news for Gophers is that most of the remaining opponents are less demanding, both in terms of talent and tenacity. They will have to play a near-perfect game to defeat Spartans in the rematch next month, as do some other teams in the Big Ten top tier, but in battle the only non-senior in a seven-man rotation. It’s a team. ”We have competitive experience, confidence and chemistry in conference play.


Michigan State University will host Pennsylvania State University on Saturday. Sparta is always at home 25-2 against the Nittany Lions.

Minnesota will play in Michigan on Saturday. Gophers lost seven games in a row at Ann Arbor, their last win in 2011.

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No.19 Mich. St. Is a Big 10 Opener and lasts longer than the Minnesota 75-67 | WGN Radio 720

Source link No.19 Mich. St. Is a Big 10 Opener and lasts longer than the Minnesota 75-67 | WGN Radio 720

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