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The National Broadcasting Commission, Nigeria’s broadcast regulator, has ordered all broadcasters in the country to stop using Twitter... Directive Issued On Monday morning, the broadcaster includes a domestic television and radio platform.

“In accordance with the above directives, broadcasters are advised to remove the Twitter handle and avoid using Twitter as a source of information gathering (UGC) for news and program presentations, especially over the phone,” the statement said. The excerpt states...

It threatened to punish separatists in the southeastern part of the country a few days after the country shut down Twitter when the microblogging platform deleted the controversial tweet by President Muhammadu Buhari... Government too Quote Microblogging platform claims to “damage the existence of the company” as one of the reasons for the indefinite suspension..

In addition to this directive, NBC “immediately start Licensing process for all OTT and social media businesses in Nigeria.. ” It’s still a work in progress, but Nigerians couldn’t use Twitter early Saturday because the country’s carriers restricted access to the platform... Still, most people employ VPNs and other alternative platforms to circumvent domain restrictions...

But after the Nigerians ignored the government’s orders, Attorney General and Minister of Justice Abubakar Malami of the country, through his spokesperson, I issued a nasty command On the weekend..

“Marami has taken action on the Federal Prosecution Service and the Federal Prosecutor’s Office Director (DPPF) of the Minister of Justice. start In the process of prosecuting federal offenders, deactivating Twitter operations in Nigeria. “..

No public arrest Made so far.And although it’s not entirely clear how the Attorney General and his cohort will carry out that directive.May be adopted by the government Illegal means to carry out Their order..

Meanwhile, the ban on Twitter has been widely criticized at home and abroad... In a joint statement with the EU, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom expressed disappointment with the ban. They called for a Buhari-led government for censorship and human rights abuses and urged the Nigerian government to reconsider its position...

The government seemed upset yesterday. Through a spokesperson, the president declared that Twitter’s state-wide ban was only a temporary measure to curb false information and fake news...

“There are many problems with Nigeria’s social media platforms, which have led to the spread of false information and fake news, with violent consequences in the real world,” the government said... The platform enabled “the spread of religious, racist, alien exclusion, and false messages that could tear some countries,” a spokesman added...

However, in today’s directive, the government may be speaking from both sides of the mouth. The statement released refers to Section 5.6.3 of the NBC Act on the role Twitter believes to play in Nigeria. The broadcast code requires broadcasters to be aware of materials that can cause dissatisfaction, panic, and social cracks in the use of user-generated content (UGC). .... “

Regulators remembered to leave a subtle warning, saying that it would be unpatriotic for any broadcaster in the country to continue to patronize Twitter as a source, “and therefore strict adherence is required.” ..

Nigeria orders broadcast media to ignore Twitter as a news source – TechCrunch

Source link Nigeria orders broadcast media to ignore Twitter as a news source – TechCrunch

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