Newark Arts Nonprofit Offers “Micro Grants” to Local Musicians

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The Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District (LPCCD) has launched the “Lincoln Park Music Speaks” microgrant in the Newark Music Community with the support of the New Jersey Arts and Culture Restoration Fund (NJACRF).

Founded last year, the NJACRF is sponsored by the Princeton Area Community Foundation to ensure the power and survival of the state-wide non-profit arts, culture, and history sectors. LPCCD will re-award some of the awards to music artists and curators who live and create in Newark, NJ, through the “Music Speaks” initiative.

Ten microgrant will be awarded for the artist’s artistic efforts for $ 1,500 per grantee. To qualify, the applicant must be a performance / recording artist, or a curator of a music event that provides the artist with a performance opportunity. Must live in Newark, NJ. Must specialize in gospel, jazz, hip hop (rap and its various forms), afro-Caribbean, spoken language, R & B, house / dance music, jazzy soul (neo soul), soul, funk and other hybrid genres. .. A mashup of the aforementioned genre. You must have a specific artistic project for which the funds will be used.

For more information or to sign up for the program, please visit: http://bit.ly/LincolnParkMusicSpeaksGrant2021

“Lincoln Park” Music Speaks “is a free interactive lecture, music and multimedia art series designed to enhance Newark citizens’ understanding of literature, art, photography, music and dance.” Music Speaks ” Through education, informative, and 2016 Newark City’s 350th Anniversary Celebration, LPCCD reached 2,000 attendees at 15 city-wide events, gained more than 100,000 social impressions, and was public. The art part was featured in Newark times.

“The history of coexistence between our community and music is irreversible,” said executive director Anthony Smith. “Through the annual Lincoln Park Music Festival and many other initiatives, LPCCD has introduced around 1,000 musicians and recording artists over the last 14 years. Newark’s Music Ecosystem and Creative Economy.”

The jury includes Fayemi Shakur, Director of Arts and Culture, Newark, NJ. Shani Saxon, Vice President of Development and Production at I am OTHER, is a strategic consulting and creative group organized and led by Pharrell Williams. Wayne Winborn, Executive Director of the Jazz Institute at Rutgers University Newark. Well-known music and arts experts serve as judges to assist in the judging process. The panel reviews the application and assesses its artistic quality, community impact, well-thought-out path to project completion, and ability to implement an artistic vision.

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Newark Arts Nonprofit Offers “Micro Grants” to Local Musicians

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