New World Petal Caps | Where to Find Petal Caps for Corrupt Tinctures

In addition to more familiar plants, New World Forests and Fields are full of intriguing ingredients to add to your potions, elixirs and tinctures. One such glowing fungus Leaf-shaped petals, Can provide the main ingredients used in different types of potions.

Like any other plant that can be harvested, collecting resources from a petal hat requires at least a flint sickle equipped on the character.

Also, like other semi-rare resources in New World, petal caps can be difficult to find at first. However, once you know where to look, multiple items are collected for each node, so you can quickly start crushing large numbers of items.

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Where to find petal caps in the new world

Fronded Petalcap can be found in any forest area of ​​the New World...However, shrubs and hemp..

There are some early areas where you can be sure to find a petal hat, but once you know what to look for, it’s much easier to find farther.

Winds Ward Village Petal Cap Location

One of the places where Fronded Petalcap seems to spawn is next to the water.

Just west of Windsward Village is a small pond where you can learn to fish. However, if one potion requires a small amount, a petal hat appears to appear on the eastern side of this body of water.

Cooper’s Lunch Petal Cap Location

If you are trying to grind in large quantities to do more crafting, you can find many foliar petal nodes in the forest area around Cooper’s Ranch.

As you roam outside the ranch, northwest of Windsward Village, you’ll find plenty of plants with different petal caps.

How to turn a petal cap into a rotten tincture

In New World, most potions are created in camp or town arcane repositories.

If you don’t want to spend your resources on a new camp, there are usually some created by other players just outside the available build area.

The petal cap can be used as a soil reagent or protective reagent, so all you need to do to make a rotting tincture is to combine it with a water reagent to brew a potion.

The easiest water reagent to find is River cress. It can be collected from waters when the collection skill exceeds level 30.

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New World Petal Caps | Where to Find Petal Caps for Corrupt Tinctures

Source link New World Petal Caps | Where to Find Petal Caps for Corrupt Tinctures

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