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New York (AP) — The Biden administration exempts most employers from the long-awaited rules to protect workers from the coronavirus and angers labor advocates who have lobbyed for more than a year to protect them. It was.

The Ministry of Labor has included a new emergency temporary standard announced Thursday for healthcare professionals only. The rule requires employers to develop antivirus plans and tighten requirements for recording and reporting COVID-19 cases among workers. Employers are also demanding that workers be provided with paid leave for COVID-19-related absences, such as being vaccinated or recovering from the side effects of shots.

The Biden administration has released new non-binding guidance to relax the recommendations, rather than issuing mandatory rules to other workplaces. According to guidance issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the federal agency responsible for worker protection, most workplaces where people are fully vaccinated no longer need to provide protection from the coronavirus.

This decision was made because many stores and other businesses have already relaxed masks and other protection policies in response to new guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But it also represents a step from President Joe Biden’s earlier remarks that the Trump administration refused to issue compulsory protection rules for workers.

The new standard “represents the breach of promises to millions of American workers in grocery stores and meat packaging factories who died of illness at the forefront of this pandemic,” said 1.3. Mark Peronne, chairman of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, on behalf of the United States, said. In a statement, one million workers said. “Vaccination has helped us control this pandemic, but the dangers of these essential workers are not over yet.”

When Biden signed an executive order shortly after taking office and ordered OSHA to issue rules until March 15, he raised expectations for urgent standards for all workplaces. However, the Ministry of Labor missed that deadline, the situation surrounding the pandemic changed rapidly, vaccination rates increased, and the CDC relaxed its own guidance on distance and masking.

Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh quoted changed reality and new CDC guidance at a House Education and Labor Commission hearing on Tuesday.

New Federal COVID-19 Safety Regulations Exempt Most Employers | WGN Radio 720

Source link New Federal COVID-19 Safety Regulations Exempt Most Employers | WGN Radio 720

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