New accessibility database helps you find the right video game

on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Accessibility website DAGER System has announced a new accessibility database that provides more ways to discover video games with the right accessibility features and comprehensive design before you buy.

Having written about video games and accessibility last year, we learned a lot about the importance of settings and comprehensive design to make video games enjoyable for as many people as possible. It’s a complex topic that requires a subtle understanding.

There is a lot of talk about progress in the field of accessibility.Games like Assassin’s Creed Valhara And Last of Us Part II Raised the level of accessibility settings and design. This allows people with disabilities and people with cognitive requirements that were previously overlooked to play.

However, there is still much work to be done to broaden the understanding and awareness of video game accessibility. And it’s a better time to do that than Global Accessibility Awareness Day. To that end, he spoke to DAGER System President and Editor-in-Chief Josh Straub about his “Announcement of Accessible Games Database, a breakthrough new service for gamers with disabilities.”

Worked on the addition Accessibility search To myself Family video game database, I know how much effort this is. As you can see from the video DAGER System The database provides another great way to find games that meet your specific accessibility requirements.

As Straub says, “This is a searchable platform where users can select the accessibility features they need to access their games from the filter menu, and the database provides a list of games that offer those features. To do.”

This is not an average feat, as feature recording and documentation is a detailed and time-consuming task. Today, the database contains over 70 filters derived from Straub’s educational background and nine years of experience in game accessibility.

The accessibility database currently has a sample of the games that staff have entered into the system, “we are working to be able to enter hundreds of games in preparation for the launch of the database on September 1, 2021.” It seems to be a great option to help players evaluate the game for the required accessibility and comprehensive design before buying.

Straub emphasized the importance of such information as video game options became more extensive and complex for parents and caregivers. “I think a family will be accepted by a child, even if they are the same age, just as two gamers with disabilities who have the same diagnosis have dramatically different needs given their severity and comorbidities. Things are completely different from another family. ”

“That’s why we can see the future with objective data on accessibility, especially accessibility, that allows consumers to know the features of the game before they buy with minimal effort. The great thing about family video game databases is that parents and guardians can The goal of an accessible game database is to create resources for making informed decisions based on different needs, such as when and how to introduce games to children. The goal of accessible game databases is for millions of people with disabilities. It’s about getting rid of gambling from games. Developers should be aware that people with disabilities often have bonds and can’t take the risk of buying a game they can’t play. The database takes that risk. I’m trying to get rid of it. “

I look forward to trying it out when the Straub database is released in September. Join an army of ever-growing resources.

New accessibility database helps you find the right video game

Source link New accessibility database helps you find the right video game

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