Netflix “Ray” trailer released

New Delhi [India], June 8 (ANI): Netflix released the first trailer of its upcoming anthology series, titled “Ray,” on Tuesday, inspired by the work of acclaimed filmmaker and writer Satyajit Ray.

The trailer looks promising and takes viewers to a contemporary reenactment of four thrilling classics.

Viewers can get a glimpse of all the actors Manoji Bajpai, Ali Fazal, Hirschwaldan Kapoor, Kay Kay Menon who are in charge of each story based on “ego, revenge, envy, betrayal” ..

The powerful trailer begins with the narration that mankind also gives birth and is no less than God who creates another human being. The audience is then introduced to Epsit Neia (Fazar), a man who is said to have computer memory.

Next is Hirschwaldan’s superstar, who meets a woman of God and is amazed at her popularity.

Following the success of “The Family Man 2,” Manoji plays Musafir Ali, a Gazar singer who travels in search of lost fame.

And finally, viewers can get a glimpse of Menon’s character, who wants to make art as a make-up artist, despite having a stable job.

With a strong background score, the trailer brilliantly sets the tone of a fascinating story. The lives of all four characters are thrown away, and the story depicts their journey as they explore the different shades of the characters.

The four stories, titled “Hangama Haikyung Balpa,” “Waslenagusa,” “Barpiya,” and “Spotlight,” promise a compelling ride to the viewer.

Finally, the voice-over warns that whenever a person believes himself to be a god, he will face a major downfall (Pehla insaan nhi hai, aur aakhri insaan bhi nahi hoga jo apne aapko bhagwan ya khuda). samaj leta hai, aur muh ke bal Gilthain).

“Ray” was directed by Abhishek Bach, Srigit Mukarji and Vasan Barra. Also featured are Gajiraji Lao, Schweta Bath Prasad, Anidita Bose, Vidita Bag, Diviendu Battacharya, Radiker Madang, Chandan Roy Sanyal and Akansha Ranjan Kapoor.

Innovative filmmaker, writer and author of the iconic “Felda” series, Satyagit is a great filmmaker and the best short story India has ever seen. It is also famous for that.

“Ray” will premiere on Netflix on June 25th this year. Previously, Streamer released anthologies such as’L Story of Love’,’ Story of Ghosts’,’Pitta Catalun’, and more recently’Ajeeb Daastaans’. (Ani)

Netflix “Ray” trailer released

Source link Netflix “Ray” trailer released

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