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New York (AP) — The last time I saw the Navarro Community College cheerleader team on Netflix, it was the last episode of the documentary. cheers. They just won the NCA National Championship in the junior college category and celebrated with the tradition of champions hitting the sea.

Then came fame. The main cast, including director Monica Aldama, became a celebrity overnight outside the support community. There, some of them were already known. They appeared on a talk show that included “Ellen” posed for photography, and Aldama was a participant in “Dancing with the Stars.”

Gabi Butler, who came back to compete with the team and was sometimes a Navarro student who was already famous in the world of cheers before the series debuted, says everyone was surprised at the success of the show.

“No one expected the show to be this big, and I think everyone was surprised by that. It’s like,’Oh, awesome. I thought only cheerleaders would see this.”

The breakout star was Jerry Harris, a member of a chunky, cheerleading, enthusiastic team known for “Matt Talk,” which shouts encouragement to his teammates. Her mother died of cancer when she was a teenager, and a group of Chia Mama in the suburbs of Illinois became her mother. Harris, an important member of the team, wasn’t enough to compete in the championship. To my surprise, Harris was called by Matt after another teammate. With Cinematic Gold, he helped lead the team to victory.

Cut in September 2020, Harris was charged with sexual charges in federal child pornography. He has been accused of asking minors for sex at cheerleader competitions and persuading teenage boys to send their sexually explicit photos and videos. Harris stays in prison waiting for a trial. He pleaded not guilty in all seven respects.

We didn’t know much at the time, but right after Season 1 was released, the camera was rolling in the Navarro cheering squad. They caught a sudden outburst of bad publicity in the annoyance of their teammates, who were essentially seen only as background players.

“Season 2 support, ”Is currently being played on Netflix, and you’ll see what happened next, including a few weeks before the championship, where the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly shortened the season. The camera returned to the next school year from 2020 to 2021 and continued from where it left off.

The surprise of Season 2 follows the show not only to Navarro, but also to the cheering squad of their main rival, Trinity Valley Community College. Within an hour.

“Cheer” creator and director Greg Whiteley said: Going to Trinity Valley and spending time with Navarro already is a bit crazy. “

Each school had a designated film crew, and Whiteley bounced in the meantime. He wants the viewer to be invested in both schools.

“I felt that storytelling would be enhanced … you weren’t bullied to support each other or each other, but instead, when you arrived at Daytona at that moment, the decision was When rendered, you felt torn. “

At this point, the head coach of Trinity Valley was Fonte Johnson, a former Trinity Valley cheerleader. His assistant coach was Chris Franklin, a former Johnson coach. (Since then, they have become co-head coaches.) The two are yin and yang and are best captured in their outlook for Navarro. Franklin is more practical if Johnson hasn’t suppressed his vitriol against Navarro, especially the coach of Aldama. He likes aldamas and says they exchange fun when they meet each other at competitions.

Whiteley wants viewers not to search the internet for what happens when the school confronts directly in Daytona.

“It’s much better to go into episodes 8 and 9 without knowing what happened.”

According to Johnson, Trinity Valley started appearing in the movie before Season 1, but wasn’t interested because he was worried that it would distract the team. After “Cheer” debuted on Netflix, they rethought Season 2. “I thought it would be a good opportunity as they portrayed athletes in the first season and captured all the great things about athletes and our sport.”

Franklin adds: “I’m really glad that the university on the street took this opportunity to give the children the same opportunity.”

Season 2 has an episode dedicated to the allegations against Harris, but what is invisible to the viewer is that the entire Navarro team is reacting to the news. Whiteley says this wasn’t a creative decision, but the COVID-19 protocol at the time didn’t allow them to shoot.

“I hate that we weren’t there to make a movie,” Whiteley said. However, we couldn’t see it because the shoot wasn’t allowed for obvious reasons. “

Aldama added in an email that the pain the team felt in response to Harris’ arrest “my heart continues to be directed at them compared to what the victims experienced.” It’s emotionally difficult, so I’m proud that the team practiced every day and did what I needed physically. “

According to Aldama, viewers can see how the Navarro team was able to stay focused on the gym despite all the challenges they faced.

“We shot at a very difficult time for everyone. It’s certainly one of the most difficult years of my career. So, because I’m watching in real time, the series is raw and rough. There are moments, but we learn through challenges. In the times of life, and in the series, we also see the athlete’s strong personality and resilience. As a coach and leader, I’m not always perfect, but positive. We believe it is important to continue to be and tackle every challenge as an opportunity for growth.

Johnson is worried about the idea of ​​becoming famous for the show and wants to pay attention to the team.

“I don’t want it to be me,” Johnson said. “I hope it’s about the team. I was going to work anyway.”

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Netflix “Cheerleaders” are back after the team’s major highs and lows | Entertainment

Source link Netflix “Cheerleaders” are back after the team’s major highs and lows | Entertainment

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