NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope unfolds for Christmas launch | Chicago News

James Webb Space Telescope. (Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)

(CNN) – James Webb Space Telescope is finally on the launch pad. The Space Observatory, safely tucked into the Ariane 5 rocket, will be launched on December 25.

The rocket and its valuable cargo were deployed on Wednesday at the Arianespace ELA-3 launch complex at the European spaceport near Kourou, French Guiana.

According to NASA, it took about two hours to complete the deployment.

“With Webb and its rocket firmly attached to the pad, the team will perform an electrical diagnostic to ensure that all lights are green at startup,” he said. Update from NASA.. “The team powers on the observatory while at the launch pad and runs one final survival test to ensure that all systems are powered and functioning before takeoff.”

The startup window opens at 7:20 am ET on Christmas morning and closes at 7:52 am ET.Live coverage of the launch with NASA’s TV channel Website Starts Saturday at 6am

Long-awaited release James Webb Space Telescope I’m late many times.

Bad weather news arrived shortly after NASA shared on Tuesday that the telescope’s launch preparation review had been completed prior to its scheduled launch on December 24th.

Another weather forecast reviewed on Wednesday confirmed the new launch date of December 25th.

The telescope, which is said to be the best space observatory in the next decade, was originally planned to be launched in 2018, but in what year, including the combination of factors brought about by pandemics and technical challenges. I have endured a long delay.

Last week, the team was working on a “communication problem between the observatory and the rocket system” and launched it on December 24th. NASA shares online posts.. Authorities have stated that the issue has been largely resolved since then and will not interfere with the launch.

Due to an incident during preparations for the November launch, the previous launch date, December 18, was postponed to December 22.

When engineers were preparing to mount the telescope on top of the Ariane 5 rocket to be used at launch, officials said, “The sudden and unplanned release of the clamp band caused vibrations throughout the observatory.” is.

After testing and reviewing the observatory, the team concluded that the telescope was undamaged and refueling was completed on December 3. The telescope was placed on the rocket on December 11th.

What does the telescope do

Considered to be the world’s most powerful and complex space observatory, Webb answers questions about the solar system, studies extrasolar planets in new ways, and explores the universe like never before. Webb Looking into the atmosphere of extrasolar planets, Some of them are potentially habitable and may reveal clues to the ongoing exploration of extraterrestrial life.

The telescope is equipped with a 21-foot-4-inch long mirror. This is a huge length that allows the telescope to collect more light from the objects it observes when it is in space. The more light the mirror can collect, the more detail the telescope can see.

The mirror contains 18 hexagonal gold-coated segments, each 4.3 feet in diameter.

It’s the largest mirror NASA has ever made, but its size has caused unique problems. The mirror was too big to fit inside the rocket. So NASA’s team designed the telescope as a series of moving parts that could be folded like origami and launched into a 16-foot space.

According to NASA, Webb acts as an infrared detective, detecting light that is invisible to us and revealing otherwise hidden spatial areas.

The telescope concept was first conceived at the 1989 workshop as the successor to Hubble, and the construction of Webb began in 2004. Since then, thousands of scientists, engineers and engineers from 14 countries have spent 40 million hours manufacturing telescopes.

Now, Webb helps researchers understand the origin of the universe and begin answering important questions about our existence, such as where we came from and whether we are alone in the universe.

When the telescope is launched, it will travel for about a month until it reaches an orbit about 1 million away from Earth. Over 29 days, Webb will deploy a mirror to expand the protective awning. This process involves thousands of parts that need to be fully functional in the correct order.

Fortunately, you can control each step from the ground in case something goes wrong.

Next, Webb goes through a period of setting up a shop in a space that lasts for six months. This includes equipment cooling, conditioning, and calibration. All equipment goes through a checkout process to see how they work.

Then, in late 2022, we will start collecting data and the first image. Thousands of scientists have been waiting for years to see what Webb can display to us.

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NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope unfolds for Christmas launch | Chicago News

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