Mysterious bug is Microsoft Teams, deleting SharePoint files

Users of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams report that files were missing or moved to the Recycle Bin after this week’s Azure Active Directory outage.

Monday, Microsoft I was hit by a large outage This has affected almost all cloud services, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Xbox Live, Exchange Online, and SharePoint.

Microsoft later caused the outage Azure Active Directory configuration issues service.

SharePoint and OneDrive still have issues

Since Tuesday, Bleeping Computer has spoken to a number of Microsoft SharePoint administrators who have been hit by client calls regarding missing files in SharePoint folders.

When the administrator investigates the issue, he finds that the SharePoint folder structure is intact, but all the files are missing. Eventually, you’ll see that the file has been deleted and placed in the SharePoint cloud Recycle Bin or, in some cases, the local PC Recycle Bin.

BleepingComputer first learned about the issue after contacting BleepingComputer after a flood of client calls about the issue the day after Microsoft’s outage by James Watt, an IT consultant in Pennsylvania.

Examination of the client’s computer revealed that the SharePoint data had been deleted and was only placed in the various Recycle Bins.

All files showed the same delete time, were previously located in different SharePoint folders, and the folder structure remained intact in SharePoint, so users never accidentally deleted data.

Even stranger, I noticed that SharePoint data could be moved to the local Recycle Bin on my PC while assisting some of his clients.

Delete SharePoint files in the local Recycle Bin
Delete SharePoint files in the local Recycle Bin

After talking to Watt, Bleeping Computer found a report online about a OneDrive issue similar to the same SharePoint issue. Microsoft Community Forum And Reddit..

“Today I found that hundreds of files were missing. Strangely, only the files were missing … there was a folder. Who deleted them (in the SharePoint Recycle Bin) I found out, but she claims she didn’t delete anything. She claims she was a newcomer browsing many files and found the file she opened in the computer’s Recycle Bin the next morning. “

“I believe it is impossible for a normal user to delete so many files in such a short time frame, as the files in her Recycle Bin were deleted at about the same time. The only way. That is, it deletes all folders, but only some files in some folders. ”SharePoint Administrator Post Visit the Microsoft Community Forums for help.

Ted Kinzkowski’s Harbor computer service He told Bleeping Computer in an email that he had a similar problem where one of his clients reported that thousands of files had been deleted from SharePoint.

Kinczkowski said the affected users’ passwords need to be changed to prevent the data from being deleted.

After contacting Microsoft about this issue, Watt was said to be related to Microsoft Advisory SP244708 (SharePoint) and OD244709 (OnDrive).

Both advisories are essentially the same, stating that a local copy of your OneDrive for Business or SharePoint files will be restored after the resync begins.

“Some users may have received some form of notification that the file has been deleted. For example, a message from OneDrive saying” Delete files from all locations “or synced. For example, a notification that a file has been deleted from the folder and placed in the Recycle Bin. Storage place.

Affected users can resolve the issue by manually initiating a resync and rebooting the machine. Subsequent file synchronization will restore the files to the appropriate local folder. “

The cause of both issues is the same-Monday outage of Azure Active Directory (AAD).

Each advisory states that the outage made local data unusable, but both advisories explain why files are deleted from the SharePoint cloud folder and why this continues to occur after the outage is resolved. Is not explained.

In addition, the advisory states that “subsequent file synchronization will restore the files to the appropriate local folder.” However, the administrator does not believe this is the case and must restore it manually.

Bleeping Computer has contacted Microsoft about this issue but has not received any reason for this to occur.

Microsoft Teams Free will also be affected

To make matters worse, many Microsoft Teams Free users report that files shared on their channels are no longer accessible to both desktop and web clients.

“I have the same problem with the free version of @VDREW MS Teams. All users have lost files shared with each other in the channel,” the user said. Help topic At Microsoft Tech Community.

When you try to access the file, you may see an error similar to the following, the file may have been deleted, or the user may not have permission to view the file.

Microsoft Teams error when trying to access a file
Microsoft Teams error when trying to access a file

In response to these issues, Microsoft Teams Engineering’s PM Sam Cosby posted that they are investigating the issue.

“Hello, everybody. Considers this problem with the live site, asked to understand the root of the problem to the on-call engineer, I would like to be able to resolved as soon as possible to find the cause. If you have any reply, let you know.”

In a comment posted today, Cosby states that he will discover the cause of the missing file and apply the mitigation as soon as possible.

Cosby did not share what caused the user’s files to be lost.

Mysterious bug is Microsoft Teams, deleting SharePoint files

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