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Myanmar military junta prosecutes celebrities by promoting protest

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On Monday, April 5, 2021, in Yangon, Myanmar, anti-coup protesters holding pictures of people who died during protests against the military pray to them. The threat of deadly violence and the arrest of protesters failed to curb daily demonstrations across Myanmar. The army will resign and revive the democratically elected government. (AP photo)

Myanmar, Yangon (AP) — Myanmar’s ruling military junta has stepped up its campaign against celebrities in support of national protests against seizure of power, published a wanted list to the state press and used their work. I warned.

The move follows weeks of intensified violence by security forces to dissolve street protests against the February 1 coup that expelled Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected government. At least 564 protesters and bystanders have been killed since the acquisition, according to the Political Prisoners Support Association, which monitors casualties and arrests. The coup reversed the gradual return of the country to democracy after 50 years of military junta.

Listed on Sunday and Monday in Myanmar’s Global New Light newspaper include actors and actresses charged with violating Article 505 (A) of the Criminal Code to “spread news affecting national stability.” Includes musicians and social media influencers. Penalties for violations are up to 3 years in prison.

The graph, which occupies the majority of the page, lists 20 people, along with their photos, hometowns, and Facebook pages.

Several actors and directors were also prosecuted in February, but last week, military-controlled Myawaddy TV broadcast a wanted list, stepping up a campaign against celebrity protesters. Currently, there are at least 60 people on such a list.

May Toe Khine, who describes herself as a “full-time Burmese actress / part-time fashion designer student” on her Twitter profile, said her arrest warrant “just worked as a civilian” after the television announcement. To speak using my platform. To reveal the truth. “

“Keep an eye on Myanmar news until we win,” she wrote.

Documents believed to have been leaked from the Ministry of Information advise broadcasters and production agencies on lawsuits against people in the fields of literature, film, theatrical arts, music and journalism. It warns against publishing or broadcasting their work or facing prosecution on their own.

The April 4 document, which was not certified by the Associated Press, was reported by Hit Thit Media and widely distributed on social media.

Protests continued nationwide on Monday, but were generally smaller than they were recently and were often conducted in ways aimed at avoiding conflict. On Sunday, an egg-painted “Easter egg strike” was held to support protests in public and online.

In the city of Dawei in southeastern Myanmar, the base of the protests, a short march was accompanied by a procession of motorcycles.

In Yangon, the largest city in the country, mourners in black robes marched in memory of the dead. Apart from this, about 20 people gathered for a short time on the streets of the city and burned the Chinese flag. Many protesters believe that Beijing supports the junta with economic and political support, including the threat of a UN Security Council veto against international sanctions.

Myanmar military junta prosecutes celebrities by promoting protest

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