More stinky catfish vents for Dominique Grubisa and DGI

Dominique Grubisa, a self-proclaimed financial and legal expert, seems to always publish positive online reviews shortly after receiving negative press. David Donovan I will report on this strange phenomenon.

Our story of Dominique Grubisa October 28 Last year May 1st This year, fake reviews and fake articles celebrating her suspicious talent revealed some very catfish-like behavior. The IA survey Current events May 31st.

Beyond these articles, Grubisa has been collecting more fish articles ever since. This seems to be a systematic effort to restore her reputation.

Three days after the ACA segment, friends of online music publications in the Dominican Republic, Bent magazine, I came to dance again to defend Mrs. Grubisa.

Despite living in the Caribbean, these days paper In Bent, the author “Harris Sean” argued:

In a clear reference to Channel Nine’s ACA release, Shawn suggests that negative commentary on Grubisa is part of some sort of inherent social cyber-bullying of women: increase.

Exclusive: Grubisa provides legal advice to students and clients using revoked lawyer parents

Prominent real estate and legal expert Dominique Grubisa has used his beaten parents to provide legal advice and services to students and clients. Dave Donovan investigates.

All-in, Sean said:

This is very similar to the language of Elizabeth Holmes Of the infamous Theranos fame.

Who is Harris Sean? Well, according to Facebook, “Harris Sean” is actually Ritzshree route, Who claims to live in Bhubaneswar, India.

Perhaps the name “Harris Sean” comes from something much more realistic Sean Harris, Google engineer.

On Facebook, the “Harris Shawn” profile promises instant guest posting to prestigious sites.

But obviously, Grubisa’s reputation needs to be further restored, and another story was featured. newsanyway.com, Under the byline “Catherine“.

The owner of that website, Sam Allcock, Manchester, UK, confirmed that this story is actually a guest post submitted via an intermediary fiverr.com It was not written by Catherine.

Like many other authors of guest posts mentioning Grubisa’s products, Catherine’s interests are diverse. Recent articles include LGBT + horror storyCoping with the anxiety caused by Traffic accident And that Alfmaidy Family Kuwait-Core Business Innovation..

Allcock confirmed that Catherine had no direct knowledge of Grubisa’s products, but she immediately argued that she jumped into defense:

Exclusive: Equifax jumps the ship after Grubisa begins to afflict Uncle Sam

Faced with turbulence at home, self-proclaimed Maven Dominique Grubisa is throwing her nets abroad in hopes of a better catch in the United States. Meanwhile, Equifax drifted Grubisa. Dave Donovan reports on this rapidly evolving story.

another Suspicious review Comes from self-titled’Queen of reviews‘, Justin Caraway From Nashville, he said:

She went on to say:

She wrote that her goals were:

IA’s Dominique Grubisa survey has become mainstream

Mainstream media has taken up yet another IA survey-again proving that IA is the best in business to defeat the bad guys.

If traveling on the interstate for a few days wasn’t ideal, you might find traveling from Nashville quite inconvenient. Unfortunately, I don’t think Ms. Caraway will notice too many deals popping up in her area from the RP Data (Australia) list.

Other suspicious reviews come from the website productreviews2u.com, virtualpropertyincome.com When sydneypropertyinvestors.com In each case, all content is not significantly included, except for reviews of products sold by the DG Institute. All domain names were registered between September 13th and September 16th, 2020.

I think the ACCC may be interested in spreading Fake review Regarding the business of Grubisa.

As ACCC says:

Follow the founders and publishers of Independent Australia Dave Donovan On twitter @davrosz..

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More stinky catfish vents for Dominique Grubisa and DGI

Source link More stinky catfish vents for Dominique Grubisa and DGI

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