Monica Raymund Teases “High Town” Season 2 – Deadline

Monica Raymund Back with High Town Season 2 on Sunday, and her character Jackie Kinones, are infinitely better than last season, but it’s too early to tell if she can stay straight and narrow.

“At the top of Season 2, she’s been drinking for a few days under her belt and she’s working at the police station. She’s finally starting things with her right foot,” Raymund told the deadline. increase. Starz Saturday drama premiere. “She has a new partner name Leslie Babcock [Tonya Glanz] There are only two women in the police task force, and two girls in a room full of men. So they are very close. “

In terms of dating, Jackie isn’t always wandering around, as we saw in Season 1, but she’s certainly open to meeting new people.

“Yes, she mixes a little work with joy,” she says with a cheeky smile. “What I can say is that the lines intersect and get pretty blurry. It’s going to get really hot!”

It will be really hot with the addition of Luis Guzman In the cast starring as Jorge Quevas, a cousin of Frankie Quevas, a drug trafficking organization (Amaury Nolasco), Both are currently out of jail and are trying to take their business to the next level.

Luis Guzman

“He and Frankie will take over and things will be really hairy, awkward and dark,” she teases. “Guns Blazing! We’ll be interacting more with Frankie this season. We’ll face each other in person. We can expect some friction on the front line.”

Nolasco of Guzman adds: I grew up watching him.And of course he is Pachanga Carlitosway!! From the very first moment we arrived on the set, only two Puerto Ricans working in North Carolina had a great time. “

Like Latin Americans, Frankie welcomes Jorge into a house shared with his fiancé Lenny (Riley Voelkel) and his little son Frankie Jr. (Lumi C. Jean Lewis). When Lenny asks Frankie how long she will stay, she finds that he welcomes him to stay indefinitely. The new life arrangement will disrupt Frankie’s already fragile relationship with Lenny.

“For Latin Americans, the family is the first,” says Nolasco. “But of course it’s annoying the mother of his kid, so Frankie is in the middle, like a slice of ham in a sandwich. Lots of pushes and pulls, I said,” Hey guys, everyone can’t get along. It’s like “?” Jorge then begins planting these suspected seeds, all of which will result in trust. Who should Frankie trust? “

High Town

Voerkel adds: “Lenny and Jorge aren’t the biggest fans of each other. She finally came to this place where she made the decision and chose Frankie, and when Jorge came and tried to take over, she finally went up. She’s moving and starting to work on more responsibilities. She doesn’t like it, and Jorge is always trying to sew distrust between Lenny and Frankie, which isn’t good for them. He Bringing this whole new level of turmoil and violence to the situation. “

Part of that turmoil is Jorge’s new girlfriend Daisy (Jona Xiao)-Bonnie to his Clyde.

“Daisy works for a striptease club run by Frankie and Lenny, where she meets Jorge and they start a relationship,” Xiao reveals. “And we cause a lot of problems! In the Covid era, it was a crazy shoot because there were some intimate scenes, but due to restrictions we couldn’t sit together in the same car. And as far as Daisy and Jackie are concerned, what I can make fun of is that they face off a bit. “

She adds: “It’s very easy to hypersexualize an Asian woman with a character like stripper Daisy, so I’d like to add that it’s easy to go that way. But her story What I like about writing is that she can see a real three-dimensional woman who is very multi-layered, powerful and smart. I need to see more of these types of characters on TV. . “

High Town Broadcast on Sunday night via Starz.

Monica Raymund Teases “High Town” Season 2 – Deadline

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