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Atlanta Hawks’ Trae Young, 11, challenges a foul called by a referee in the first half of the third game of the NBA Eastern Conference Basketball Final against Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday, June 27, 2021. .. (AP photo / Brin Anderson)

Atlanta (AP) — Khris Middleton scored 20 points in the playoff career and 38 points in the fourth quarter, beating Milwaukee Bucks 113-102 against the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday night, 2-1 at the Eastern Conference Won the lead. final.

Trae Young scored 35 points in Atlanta, but slowed down in the final period after stepping on the official foot in the second half of the third and injuring his right ankle.

Middleton then scored 10 points in his fourth 13-3 run, which led Milwaukee.

Janice Adetokumpo scored 33 points against Bucks, who dragged most of the game before the surge in the fourth quarter. Atlanta took the lead 95-88 and Middleton took the lead 103-98 13-3, scoring the first three of the three points.

The Hawks were eager to get a better start in the first home game of the series after never losing in Game 2 of 125-91. Middleton and Antetokunpo’s turnover led to Clint Capela’s dunk shot, and Kevin Huerter added three points to the 7-0 lead.

The Hawks have increased their advantage to 13 points. Antetokunpo was held down to 5 points in the first quarter, but regained points in the second quarter. He had 11 points during that period, as Bucks finally pulled even 56-all with 3 pointers by Pat Connaughton, leaving 12 seconds remaining.

Bucks took the first lead at 82-80 in Bobby Portis Jr.’s basket, leaving 1:47 third. Three pointers by Danilo Gallinari gave Atlanta an 85-83 lead at the end of the period.

Middleton started the final period by sinking three, which marks the beginning of his great period. He went on to beat the Hawks alone, who scored 17 points.

Hawks fans followed the recent trend of opposition fans counting the time of Antetokunpo on the free throw line. Usually counted over 10 before he started the attempt.

Fans cheered when he missed each of his first two free throws in the first quarter. He threw an airball from the line in the second phase and again cheered from the sold-out crowd.

Antetokounmpo was only 6 of 13 in the game.

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Bucks: Antetokunpo was mentioned in the injury report as the left calf may be tight, but did not appear to be affected by the injury. He recorded 11 rebounds. … Portis scored 15 points.

Hawks: Young stayed on the court for a few seconds after his ankle injury before heading to the locker room. He returned at 8:44 with the game remaining. … FC am Reddish was available but didn’t play after scoring 11 points in Game 2 on recovery from an Achilles tendon rupture. It was his first action since February 21st. Coach Nate McMillan said he wasn’t ready to move Reddish to a more prominent role yet.


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Middleton’s 38 Powerbacks Lead Hawks 113-102 2 to 1 | WGN Radio 720

Source link Middleton’s 38 Powerbacks Lead Hawks 113-102 2 to 1 | WGN Radio 720

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