Microsoft pops Cloud Knox into a trolley • The Register

Microsoft Snap up Cloud Security Costume Cloud Knox Meanwhile, researchers continue to dig into that realistic Windows operating system.

The acquisition will take place a week after the purse is available. Loosened for Risk IQ In the ongoing pain around the continuation with Vulnerability With its flagship OS. Still, at least the company takes cloud security seriously.

CloudKnox is about managing cloud infrastructure entitlements and permissions, and protecting resources from permission abuse. It’s vaguely ironic given the recent snafue of Windows file permissions.

The company also lists AWS, VMware, Google Cloud, and Microsoft’s Azure as partners. It also connects to on-premises systems such as Active Directory.

Microsoft’s intention is to incorporate the acquired technology into its existing security lineup with the goal of implementing policies in a multi-cloud environment. Microsoft also emphasized the benefits that additional permission visibility brings to Azure Active Directory customers.

California-based CloudKnox, which launched its “journey” in February 2017, has not disclosed the terms of the deal, According to CEO Balaji Parimi, There have been many cash injections over the years. Funds provided by investors, including Wipro Ventures..

This purchase is interesting because AWS has a big feature in Cloud Knox’s plans.Just recently in May, Cloud Knox Brag Participation in the AWS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program and its “multidimensional integration with AWS”.

Still, “multi-cloud” is a very word of time, so a platform that spans cloud platforms is not a bad thing.

Well, if Microsoft could devote some of its cloudy efforts to fixing Windows security. That would be magnificent. ®

Microsoft pops Cloud Knox into a trolley • The Register

Source link Microsoft pops Cloud Knox into a trolley • The Register

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