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Middle-aged women entering the menopause experience unacceptable discrimination. However, current law means that proceedings that challenge discrimination related to menopause must be filed on the grounds of gender, age, or disability.

If the law is currently inadequately functioning, menopause should be added to the list of reasons recognized by the Equality Act 2010 (Equality legislation may change to protect menopausal women, MP, August 18)? In our view, discrimination based on menopause instead emphasizes the relevance and value of the “crossing” approach. This recognizes that discrimination is often due to a combination of social stigma. Kimberlé Williams, who developed the term in the late 1980s, focused on the disadvantages faced by black women and the inadequate response of American anti-discrimination law to their experiences.

In the United Kingdom, the provision of “complex discrimination” was included in the Equality Act (Article 14), but it was never enforced. This provision was limited and focused only on “double discrimination,” but highlighted the importance of equality before the law, which recognizes the complex nature of living inequality.

Rather than adding menopause to the list of equality law grounds as a protected feature, this argument may benefit from considering whether addressing cross-discrimination is a better way. Hmm.
Professor Davina Cooper Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London, Dr. Flora Renz, Dr. Suhraiya Jivraj, Professor Emily Grabham University of Kent Kent Law School

Sirin Kale article (“My boss was happy to destroy me.” – On August 17, a woman quit her job due to menopause.). The workplace can be cruel to older women. Since I was 40, I have received sneaky remarks about my age from young women and men of all ages. Some of them were fat and ugly (I was neither).

When I had to wear glasses to use the computer, my female boss said: There is nothing to look forward to. I quit the job and became a proofreader. My female boss kept me down because of my age, even though my partner (employer is a law firm) said my job was great. I hate my boss, but my contract has been renewed. When I finally left, I cried at the final interview and asked the HR manager to persuade my boss to refrain from age discrimination. that’s terrible. it hurts.

I couldn’t sleep much on the night of the menopause because I was sweating so much, but I was doing my best at work. In a way, I was lucky. There wasn’t a heavy period that wasn’t too far from the toilet. I was tired from lack of sleep and was badly hurt by my boss’s unpleasant remarks. Even those who dislike older women must be treated with respect in the workplace. If your boss doesn’t respect you, your workplace is hell.
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Can you acknowledge some of your report on the Act on Equality of Menopause and the role that low maintenance doses of hormone replacement therapy can play in relieving the painful symptoms of menopause?
Elaine Frado

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Menopause, Law, Discrimination in the Workplace | Letter

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