Mayor Lori Lightfoot “Disappointed” in COVID Test, CPS Struggle with Contact Tracing – CBS Chicago

Chicago (CBS) — Mayor Lori Lightfoot isn’t happy with how COVID testing and contact tracing has been done at Chicago Public Schools this year.

The mayor had to delay the full implementation of the plan to test all COVID-19 students and staff, and the district to contact those who were exposed to someone who was still tested positive. Said he was disappointed with the need to hire more people for the virus.

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Wrightfoot said everything would result in better COVID case studies and better contact tracing, and she’s confident that things will improve.

But the problem is with the parents and members of the Chicago Teachers Union involved.

For CBS2 Confusion about how COVID cases are recorded was reported By CPS since the students returned to face-to-face classes in August.

For example, the district website on Tuesday displayed a total of 506 viable cases from August 29th to September 20th. Self-reported inside and outside the school.

Meanwhile, when visiting the CTU website, 2,366 cases were tracked at 494 schools. A big gap.

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In an interview with WTTW Lightfoot admitted she was disappointed Testing and contact tracing have been handled by CPS so far, but when asked if interim CEO Jose Torres would be held responsible for these failures, she refused to say and is now He added that his plan is to move forward.

This includes ensuring that the Chicago Public Health Service is fully involved in CPS.

Currently, instead of displaying COVID cases weekly, the district updates those numbers daily.

“This is no longer a mystery. We know how to do contact tracing, we know how to do case research, and CPS uses the tools at its disposal to do just that. You need to make sure you’re there, “she said.

Meanwhile, CTU members are holding a virtual speech-out for a safety event on Tuesday night.

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The union said it would like to hear from parents and students about their experience at CPS schools, especially regarding the handling of COVID-19.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot “Disappointed” in COVID Test, CPS Struggle with Contact Tracing – CBS Chicago

Source link Mayor Lori Lightfoot “Disappointed” in COVID Test, CPS Struggle with Contact Tracing – CBS Chicago

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