Mayor Lightfoot is spending $ 4 billion for Chicago and our school

Chicago Public Schools and the City of Chicago have an unprecedented $ 4 billion for recovery from COVID-19, but Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s 2021-2022 school district budget will increase staff and build buildings. Does not make significant improvements to or show a commitment to making the school better. Before the pandemic.

  • Wednesday, July 28, 8:45 Morning (picket), 9 am (press conference): Chicago Board of Education, 42W. Chicago Teachers Union Picket and Press Conference on Madison Street.

Chicago, July 27, 2021 — Chicago Teachers Union leaders, city council members, rank-and-file educators, and community partners hold information pickets and press conferences at: 8:45 a.. NS.Tomorrow at the Chicago Board of Education Raise budget concerns about school staffing, capital improvement, and district long-term sustainability.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Public Schools have $ 4 billion in federal funding allocated to restore COVID in Chicago and its public schools, which are currently being vaccinated, staffed, or It will not be used for any other measures that are essential for a safe and equitable resumption. autumn.

Tomorrow’s actions follow the following report Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends Americans returning to indoor masking, especially in crowded indoor environments..

“Guidance makes sense, layered mitigation, upgrades to building ventilation systems, social distance, and nurses and social workers in all school communities,” said Jesse Sharkey, president of CTU. Says. “Families and educators deserve the promise from the mayor and her CPS team to spend the $ 4 billion city and school received from the federal government on the survival and recovery of COVID-19.”

Many Chicago public schools were already at stake before the COVID-19 pandemic due to years of negligence and structural racism. The $ 4 billion Federal Relief Fund provided by the Biden administration has the potential to transform CPS and the mayor’s ability to provide resources to schools and poorly serviced communities throughout the city.

However, this would not be possible without a bold vision and concrete plans for district leaders to work with other stakeholders. The mayor and CPS need to build meaningful relationships with parents who are concerned about their child’s safety. The majority of Chicago’s black and brown families chose not to put their children in public school buildings this spring because of the impact COVID has on the community.

“The mayor and her CPS team cannot safely reopen school without our union or our community as partners,” Sharkey said. “Their independence and refusal to set vaccination goals for students and their families irreparably undermines the potential for high vaccination rates for middle and high school students before the start of the school year. rice field.

“They need to look not at obstacles, but at the educators and families we serve as partners in ensuring the health and stability of our city.”

Mayor Lightfoot is spending $ 4 billion for Chicago and our school

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