Mark Cousins ​​Cannes Doc “Jeremy Thomas Storm” Wins US-UK Transactions-Deadline

Exclusive: Cohen Media Group When Carzon We have jointly acquired all sales rights in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland. DeMarcus Cousins‘Cannes Film Festival Documentary Jeremy Thomas Storm About Oscar-winning producers Last emperor..

Theatrical release is scheduled for late 2021 for the movie by David P. Kelly Films.

of Jeremy Thomas Storm, Filmmaker and writer DeMarcus Cousins (Story of Film: Odyssey) Legendary producer Thomas accompanies an annual pilgrimage to the Cannes Film Festival.

Every year for the past 45 years, Thomas has traveled to Cannes (the first trip was with his film director’s father, Ralph Thomas).This time, Cousins ​​will take a quirky grand tour of the sea and land, chatting with Thomas from the location of Bernardo Bertolucci in Paris, with landmarks and producers’ films and people involved in life. dreamer, Lyon, the birthplace of the film, and finally to the Riviera Festival.

The film celebrates Thomas’ remarkable collaboration with major directors such as David Cronenberg. (Crash, naked lunch), Nagisa Oshima (Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence), Bertolucci (The Last Emperor, The Sheltering Sky, Steeling Beauty) And Matteo Garrone (Dogman, Tale Of Tales)..

The stars of Thomas’ work interviewed in the film include Debra Winger and Tilda Swinton.

The deal was negotiated by CMG’s Senior Vice President Robert Aaronson, Carzon Film’s Managing Director Louisa Dent, and Visit Film’s Ryan Campe.

“When I was a teenager, I realized that the movie’Jeremy Thomas Presents’ was likely to be wild and passionate,” said Mark Cousins. “I longed for such a passion for cinema and made it Bad timing, Sheltering Sky, crash, Naked lunch And many more. The pirates and punks who made those films come true are called Jeremy Thomas. He expanded the medium of the film. “

Jeremy Thomas added: It was a great adventure, and I suspect I gave a lot of secrets along the way. It’s great to see people in the cinema through Carzon and Cohen Media in the UK. “

Robert Aaronson of CMG commented:Jeremy Thomas Storm A must-see movie for movie lovers, for movie lovers, and about movie lovers. “

Carzon’s Louisa Dent adds:

Mark Cousins ​​Cannes Doc “Jeremy Thomas Storm” Wins US-UK Transactions-Deadline

Source link Mark Cousins ​​Cannes Doc “Jeremy Thomas Storm” Wins US-UK Transactions-Deadline

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