Mann Ki Baat: Prime Minister Modi emphasizes innovation

New Delhi [India], July 25 (ANI): Emphasizing some innovations made by engineers and architects, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an attempt on Sunday to ensure that these projects function as incubation centers in the country. Said it was done.

Regarding the 79th edition of the monthly radio program Mann Ki Baat, Prime Minister Modi said, “Friends, today, attempts are being made domestically to make these projects function as incubation centers. , Architect, Prime Minister talked about a 3D print house built by a startup founded by IIT Madras graduates.

“Building a house with 3D printing, how did this happen in the end? In fact, this startup supplies 3D designs with 3D printers, then 3D structures layer by layer through a special kind of concrete. You will be pleased to know that this kind of experiment is being conducted nationwide. ” “There were times when even small works could take years to complete, but today the situation in India is changing due to the effects of technology.

“Some time ago, we launched the Global Housing Technology Challenge to invite such innovative companies from all over the world. We named it the Lighthouse Project because this is a unique endeavor of this kind in the country. So far, the Lighthouse project we are working on is moving at a fast pace in six different locations across the country, “he said.

Prime Minister Modi said these lighthouse projects use the latest technology and innovative methods. “This shortens the construction period. In addition, the house being built is more durable, economical and comfortable.” He also used a prefabricated sandwich panel system instead of bricks. I talked about the Indore project. And-mortar wall. In Rajkot, the lighthouse is made with French technology and uses monolithic concrete construction technology through the tunnel.

Emphasizing a unique initiative in Rakinpur Keri, Uttar Pradesh, work has begun to train women to produce fiber from discarded banana stalks. For machines, fibers are like jute or flax. Handbags, mats, rugs and many other products are made from this fiber. This started the use of crop waste, but our sisters and daughters in the village bought another source of income. Through this banana fiber work, women in the area earn 400-600 rupees per day. “Mannki Baat” is the Prime Minister’s monthly radio address, which airs on the last Sunday of every month. (ANI)

Mann Ki Baat: Prime Minister Modi emphasizes innovation

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