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Chicago (AP) —Orlando Magic won the NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday night and won first place overall for the first time since winning Dwight Howard in 2004.

It is the fourth time in the lottery that Magic, who won the championship in 1992 and 1993 in a row, won Shaquille O’Neal and exchanged Chris Webber’s rights for Penny Hardaway.

Orlando finished with the worst record at the Eastern Conference at 22-60 and missed the eighth playoff in 10 years. However, they won a big lottery and had a 14% chance of winning the top pick.

Duke’s Paolo Banchero, Gonzaga’s Chet Holmgren, Purdue’s Jaden Ivey, and Auburn’s Jabari Smith are widely considered the most likely candidates to be selected first. The draft is June 23 in New York.

Oklahoma City was chosen second, followed by Houston and Sacramento. The Kings have moved up from Spot 7 in the lottery.

Detroit was ranked fifth, with Indiana, Portland, New Orleans and Washington closing the top ten. The remaining lottery results are New York, Oklahoma City, Charlotte and Cleveland.

A lottery with 14 ping-pong balls numbered from 1 to 14 placed in the hopper sets the first four picks. The rest of the teams, except the playoffs, proceed in the reverse order of the finish.

Houston, Orlando and Detroit were the most likely to win the lottery at 14%. All three had a young team that ended up at the bottom of the NBA.

Magic is working on building a draft after exchanging veterans Nikola Vucevic and Aaron Gordon for the first draft topics of 2023 and 2025 in March 2021. Issac and Markelle Fultz recovering from a knee injury.

New Orleans could be one of the biggest winners as the only playoff team to choose the lottery. Pelican got it in the 2019 trade that sent Anthony Davis to the Lakers.

Los Angeles struggled with a 33-49 record, the eighth worst result in the NBA, and Pelican was able to cash in. To maintain that, the pick had to be in the top 10, which was 99.6%. That chance.

Now they are in a position to add lottery picks to go with All-Star Brandon Ingram.

Banchero, Holmgren, and Smith decided to turn professional after a season of college when Ivy spent two years at Purdue University.

The 6’10, 250-pound Banchero was probably considered one player before arriving at Duke from Seattle as part of a talented and hired class. He responded by helping the Blue Devils reach the record 13th Final Four of his now retired coach Mike Krzyzewski before losing to the North Carolina archives.

With his strength and surrounding skills, Banchero averaged 17.2 points and 7.8 rebounds. Although he could only reach double digits twice in 39 games, he scored more than 15 times and more than 20 points.

With the ability to pass and handle the ball like a guard, the 7-foot Holmgren was one of Gonzaga’s most advertised recruits to date. He was a newcomer to this year’s West Coast Conference, a defensive player of the year, and was the first team’s full-meeting choice. He averaged 14.1 points, 9.9 rebounds and 3.6 blocks per game, and was the third team’s AP All-American.

Smith also responded to his claim as one of Auburn’s top new hires to date. The Tigers took the first place and took the top spot in three weeks. £ 6-10, 220 from Fayetteville, Georgia, was the second team, All-American, and this year’s SEC freshman. He led Auburn’s score with an average of 16.9 points and 7.4 rebounds. Smith was also the Tigers’ top three-point shooter after making 79 (43%) of the 188 attempts.

The rest of the first round is thus slotted: Charlotte, 15th, followed by Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Minnesota, San Antonio, Toronto, Denver, Memphis, Houston (from Brooklyn to James Hardentrade), Milwalky. , San Antonio, Dallas, Miami, Golden State, Memphis, Oklahoma City.


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Magical Moment: Orlando won the lottery and was ranked number one | WGN Radio 720

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