Maggie Gyllenhaal Contenders New York, “Lost Daughter” with Dakota Johnson-Deadline

Lost daughter Film director Maggie Gyllenhaal And actress Dakota Johnson I was drawn to the difficult, often unattractive truths of motherhood, which are not explored too often in the cultural conversations that the film explores.

“In all her novels, Elena Ferrante, who wrote the book on which the movie is based, tells the truth about what I think for a very long time, when we agreed not to speak. “Gyllenhaal made her directorial debut in the film and also adopted the script for Ferrante’s novel, she told Deadline Contenders New York on Saturday.She shared the stage with co-star Johnson (and Gyllenhaal’s spouse) Peter sarsgaard Editor Afonso Gonzalves.

“In general, there is something dramatic in telling the truth. For example, even if you tell the truth to a small child, it is actually the truth about something and their eyes open. You can see it there, “Gyllenhaal said. “I think that’s what inspired me, and also because they were the truth about things related to my experience as a woman with me and in the world. Of course, not only as a mother, but as a thinker. , As a lover as an artist. I’m glad I liked the straight layout. “

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Written and directed by Gyllenhaal, Lost daughter Is a psychologically starring Colman as a middle-aged divorced Leda on vacation, and a chance encounter with another woman and daughter forces her to confront the past and the vacation goes dark. increase. Oliver Jackson Cohen, Paul Mescal and Ed Harris also starred.

“Lost Daughter” Olivia Colman and Dakota Johnson

Johnson revealed that anxiety about taking on the role of a young mother suffering from parenting responsibilities eased her excitement in digging into areas that were barely explored in screen storytelling.

“My first feeling was,’Oh, I’m a little scared to play this young woman who is really struggling as a mother,’ because it’s generally a very disgusting person,” Johnson said. rice field. “But it’s so normal, so honest, and what I’ve recognized is the one I’ve recognized, rather than the young mother, who makes everything perfect, feels great about it, is very happy, and is always unwavering. It was. “

Johnson also praised Gyllenhaal’s support, especially for the more challenging moments. “Being there with Maggie who knows what the actor’s acting is like makes me feel very safe, very visible and really loved,” she said. “And it made me feel that I could really do extreme things and still be kept. And even during editing, it’s held. It’s a movie as an actor. It’s like, “That’s not what I did.” “

“Lost Daughter” Venice Movie Review: Maggie Gyllenhaal and Olivia Colman Team, Catastrophic Story of Mother’s Crisis of Conscience

Johnson added: Let’s embark on this journey like the truth. And it can be scary, but it can also be released. That is the point. And I was like “yes” “

Gyllenhaal admitted that he had to trust his instinct to navigate the material. “There was nothing easy, because I’m a beginner in some aspects of this,” she said. “In some respects no-I made a lot of movies-but in other respects I am. One of the things I really relied on was my own unconscious mind. For the first time, what do I have to do, except for me and my heart? … It’s like I’m leading me. “

Netflix Acquire worldwide rights to movies In August, prior to the world premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal touches on a Venice press conference to talk about his personal experience of making a “lost daughter”

Maggie Gyllenhaal Contenders New York, “Lost Daughter” with Dakota Johnson-Deadline

Source link Maggie Gyllenhaal Contenders New York, “Lost Daughter” with Dakota Johnson-Deadline

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