MacKenzie Scott doesn’t say how much she’s giving “this time”. WGN Radio 720

File – With this March 4, 2018 file photo, at that time – MacKenzie Bezos arrived at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, California. A blog post on Wednesday, December 8, 2021 entitled “There are no signs of dollars this time.” Billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott said he wouldn’t say how much he had donated to charity since his last donation to draw his attention. (Photos and files by Evan Agostini / Invision / AP)

In a blog post titled “This time there are no signs of dollars,” billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott has donated to charity since his last donation earlier this year to reduce her attention. He said he wouldn’t reveal what he did. Instead, she wrote a thought about the meaning of philanthropy.

“The amount donated since the previous post is not included here,” Scott wrote in a post on Wednesday. “I hope the media will focus on their contributions on my behalf, and if they choose to do so, I would like each of these great teams to speak for themselves first. increase.”

Scott’s post intentionally provided some details about her donation. “Even with the traditional standard of money, the contribution of economically wealthy people to the welfare of others is not disproportionately noteworthy,” writes Scott.

The Recluse novelist, which Forbes estimates at $ 59 billion, expressed similar feelings in his last post in June when he announced that he had donated $ 2.7 billion to charity. She is a personal person and does not publicly comment on what she gives or otherwise, except as she writes in Medium’s blog post.

However, her latest comments could increase the demand for more transparency about the style she gives. Scott is advised by nonprofit consulting giant Bridgespan Group, but most of the time he chooses a funding group, except for postings on his blog every few months. I don’t know. And this time, the general public doesn’t even know how much she’s donating.

Bensoskis, a philanthropic historian and senior researcher at the Urban Institute, said: “But it’s problematic and it’s like denying responsibility for transparency and accountability. It’s that one response to discomfort with power is, in a sense, trying to deny it. I suggest. “

Soskis praises her approach to focusing on recipients, but “the people who describe the wealthiest of us in terms of where they are giving money.” It undermines your rights. ”

Scott’s last three rounds of donations totaled nearly $ 8.7 billion, much of which goes to pandemic bailouts, colleges, and organizations serving the minority community. After the police killing of George Floyd, Scott funded the top recipients of racial stock donations in 27 states, according to an AP analysis of preliminary data from the charitable research organization Candid.

She previously partially linked her philanthropic motivation to concerns about the concentration of huge wealth in a small group of individuals, and in her final blog post, her husband Dan Juette and a team of advisors. Wrote “I was trying”. To give the property made possible by the system in need of change. “

Scott promised to give her wealth “until the safe is empty.” However, thanks to the rise in Amazon’s share price, it has risen since it divorced Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in 2019 and acquired a 4% stake in the company.

Her donation approach is rare in the world of charity, where the money donated by a charity usually limits what a charity can do because it is untied. Scott doesn’t do that. Alternatively, request her to report how the nonprofit spent the money. This is the gold standard for gifts. She also makes donations as an individual, not through the Foundation like many other wealthy donors, thus avoiding public reporting requirements.


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MacKenzie Scott doesn’t say how much she’s giving “this time”. WGN Radio 720

Source link MacKenzie Scott doesn’t say how much she’s giving “this time”. WGN Radio 720

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