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Norfolk, Virginia (AP) — Some hit tractors pull when Congressmen return home and connect with their members. Others may drop in at mom and pop stores. For Democrat Elaine Luria, who has the world’s largest naval base in the Virginia area, recent swings included boarding an amphibious assault ship for a NATO ceremony and a speech by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“The lawmakers in front of me always ask difficult questions and pierce my ears on many topics,” General Mark Milley told a recent audience of senior officials on the USS Kearsarge, Luria. Said in a reference to having burned. About military preparations during the committee meeting.

Luria’s next tough question will be related to a topic that could be even more sensitive to the military: why veterans were disproportionately involved in the January 6 riots. Luria, a 20-year Navy veteran and nuclear-trained naval battle officer who commanded 400 crew members in the Persian Gulf, joined the U.S. House of Representatives Chairman Nancy Pelosi’s special committee to the U.S. Capitol. Investigate the mob attack.

“I bring some additional perspectives,” 45-year-old Luria said in an interview from Norfolk Naval Station, where Kearsarge and about 75 other vessels are moored. After most Republicans say boycott after Pelosi opposes the appointment of two GOP lawmakers, including a Navy veteran, she could be the only member with military experience in the panel.

Luria points out that there are many online false alarm campaigns for veterans and said he has been talking about how many participants have felt politically and socially marginalized since then. rice field.

“As long as there are so many people in this country and they feel that the only way to hear them is to appear and use violence, there is a risk that this will happen again,” Luria said.

According to the George Washington University extremism program, 55 of the 547 people accused by the federal government in connection with the riots, or 10%, have military experience. In contrast, it is just under 7% of the general population of veterans. One of the most serious cases involves members of Oath Keepers, a radical group recruiting current and former members of the military and law enforcement agencies, and first responders.

The attack has begun military calculations. The House Veterans Commission, led by Luria, investigated the recruitment of current and former military personnel by militants. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has taken the unusual step of ordering the entire army to “stand down” and giving the troops time to discuss the radicalism that could grow within their ranks.

Carolyn Gallaher, an international service professor at American University in Washington, who studies right-wing paramilitaries, said: “Sure, some people are trying to do something, depending on how powerful they are and how well they can get the leverage of the military bureaucracy to do what they want to do. prize.”

A deeper look at what happened on January 6 seems to be natural for Luria, who has 40% of the area’s economy directly or indirectly linked to the Navy or the Pentagon. However, this mission can pose a serious political risk to the chief identity of Luria’s parliament, in addition to all defenders of the Navy and national security.

“I think I’m really calm. I spent 20 years in the Navy. I didn’t think much about political parties. I voted for a man who opposed in 2016 and 2018. “Republican Scott Taylor, who won a seat two cycles ago, referred to the former Navy Seal, which took place in the 2020 rematch.

Many Republicans have dismissed the January 6 committee as a political ploy. That is, the Democrats involved will face pressure to promote the larger goals promoted by the party’s leadership.

It may indicate Luria’s departure, which has passed several laws under former President Donald Trump, including making a modest stay difficult and providing tax exemptions to Goldstar’s family. But she also helped guide a 2019 call from a House Democrat with a national security background for an investigation that helped Trump’s first impeachment bear fruit.

Luria is a co-sponsor of the progressive champion’s efforts to raise the federal minimum wage to $ 15 per hour. She is also frankly pro-Israel, even though the left of her party has criticized the country for the recent conflict in Gaza.

And she was the only Democrat to oppose the abolition of Congress’s 2002 approval for the use of military force in Iraq. Luria opposed the abolition of similar military power approvals in Afghanistan and said there was not enough debate about what Congress should replace them with. She argues that it is dangerous given the ongoing threat of foreign terrorism.

Moderate Proudhouses are rare in times when constituency changes have reduced the number of seats whose territory is not super-idealistic in favor of either party. Luria’s Second Protectorate Parliament is ranked 217th in the Independent Cook Political Report’s Partisan Voting Index, making it the most median Republican and Democratic seat in the country. In fact, it’s the most swaying constituency in the country.

The district of Luria, including Virginia Beach, Virginia’s most populous city and the rural Eastern Shore, voted for Trump in 2016, but Joe Biden became the first Democratic presidential candidate to carry Virginia Beach since 1964. Therefore, it turned blue in November last year.

Nonetheless, Luria could face a tough reelection test as Democrats stick to the majority of the six seats. Former Congressman Taylor, who lost to Luria, said such a long military career would give her an idealistic cover.

“If you are a veteran and you are a Democrat, you may be given a little more suspicious benefit. Similarly, you will not be far left,” Taylor said. “Don’t worry about how to vote.”

During the hours of Virginia Beach City Hall after the Millie incident, Luria was asked about the possibility that the Capitol rebellion was a dry run for a larger attack. She quoted the January 6 committee as saying, “It’s too important to do nothing.”

“I think we need to do this in a fair and nonpartisan way,” Luria said.

Luria likens her presence on the Commission on January 6 to serving an aircraft carrier in Iraq and Afghanistan that simultaneously launches airstrikes on foreign terrorist targets. Say:’Are you a Democrat? Are you a Republican? “

She admits that critics will not stop her participation as a potential line of attack in 2022, but avoids that possibility as is common in Congress today.

“I can’t help the kindergarten plant trees,” she joked. “And don’t let anyone criticize it.”

Luria’s pro-Navy, centrist identity may be tested on January 6 | WGN Radio 720

Source link Luria’s pro-Navy, centrist identity may be tested on January 6 | WGN Radio 720

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