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Deadline’s Contenders Film returns to New York this morning with a hybrid showcase of face-to-face and livestreaming at the Queens Moving Image Museum and a lineup of 23 films that highlight the best films this season has to offer. To do. The face-to-face event begins with a United Artists-sponsored breakfast, is released at 8am, and panel and livestream coverage begins at 9:30 am.

Click here to register and watch the live stream.

Film supply may have declined during the award season, which was plagued by Covid last year, but this year the studio hasn’t curtailed it. This year’s lineup includes A24, Amazon, Apple Original Films, Focus Features, MGM / United Artists, Netflix, Neon, Warner Bros movies and panelists including stars Matt Damon, Mahershala Ali, Tessa Thompson, Dakota Johnson and Amy. There is a list of. Schumer, Andre Holland, Richard Jenkins, Ruth Negga, Oscar Isaac, Aunjanue Ellis, Haley Bennett, Alessandro Nivola, Ray Liotta and more.

Among the filmmakers in attendance is Janica Bravo (Zora), Jane Campion (The power of dogs), David Chase (Many saints of Newark), Benjamin Cleary (Swan song), Asghar Farhadi (Hero), Maggie Gyllenhaal (Lost daughter), Rebecca Hall (Passing), Cyan Header (Coda), Stephen Column (human), Pablo Larrain (Spencer), Tom McCarthy (Still water), Adam McKay (Don’t look up), Jonas Poer Rasmussen (run away), Aaron Sorkin (Being Ricardos), Paolo Sorrentino (God’s hand), Lee Sul Tommy (Respect) And Joe Wright (Cyrano).

As the entertainment industry aims to prosper safely beyond the pandemic, we’re back together in front of the big screen, away from the boundaries of the homes we’ve spent most of 2020 on, and share love. Enjoy the experience, victory, suspense, history, and everything the cinema has to offer. Cinemas, especially those in New York and Los Angeles, were closed for a year, but reopened and the resurgence of global box office revenue is a testament to the nature of the film’s Teflon, a medium that refuses to be overwhelmed. is. By something like a pandemic.

In today’s showcase, we moved from the DGA Theater on West 57th Street in Manhattan to the Moving Image Museum in Astoria, Queens. The museum is the Kaufman Astoria Studio Campus, which was originally part of a well-known player. -Lasky East Coast production lot in 1920. The studio has been Paramount since 1927. Here are hundreds of silent and early sound era film productions, including the first Sherlock Holmes sound movie. Return of Sherlock Holmes (1929), Marx Brothers movie coconut (1929) and Animal cracker (1930), and later such a classic Goodfellas, Carlito’s Way, The Wiz When hair..

So stay in the audience or in front of the screen and protect and fully cover Deadline all day through #DeadlineContenders on your website and social. A streaming site with all 23 panels will start on Monday’s deadline.

Candidate Film: New York is sponsored by Michter Distillery, Los Siete Mysterios Mescal, Eye petizer, When modMD.

Please follow the schedule and lineup below.


Candidate Movies: New York 2021 Schedule
(Always ET)

9:30 am – Live stream begins

MGM / United Artists Release

9: 36-9: 46 am – Respect

Liesl Tommy (Director)
Tracey Scott Wilson (Screenwriter)
Kramer Morgenthau (Director of Photography)
Ina Mayhew (Production Designer)

9: 47-9: 57 am – no time to die

Barbara Broccoli (Producer)
Michael G. Wilson (Producer)
Chris Corbould (Special Effects Producer)
Mark Tildesley (Production Designer)

9: 58-10: 08 am – Cyrano

Joe Wright (Director)
Haley Bennett (actor)
Kelvin Harrison Jr. (Actor)


10: 11-10: 21 am – God’s hand

Paolo Sorrentino (Writer / Director / Producer)
Filippo Scotti (actor)
Daria D’Antonio (Cinematographer)

10: 22-10: 32 am – Lost daughter

Maggie Gyllenhaal (Writer / Director / Producer)
Dakota Johnson (actor)
Peter Sarsgaard (actor)
Affonso Gonçalves (Editor)
Olivia Colman (actor)

10: 33-10: 43 am – Pass

Rebecca Hall (Writer / Director / Producer)
Ruth Negga (actor / executive producer)
Andre Holland (actor)
Tessa Thompson (Actor / EP)

10: 44-10: 54 am – The power of dogs

Jane Campion (Writer / Director / Producer)
Tanya Seghatchian (Producer)
Ari Wegner (Cinematographer)
Benedict Cumberbatch (actor)

10: 55-11: 05 am – Don’t look up

Adam McKay (Writer / Director / Producer)
Nicholas Britell (composer)
Hank Corwin (Editor)

Neon & Participants

11: 08-11: 18 am – run away

Jonas Poer Rasmussen (Director)

Neon & Topic

11: 19-11: 29 am – Spencer

Pablo Larraín (Producer / Director)
Steven Knight (Writer / EP)

Amazon Studios

11: 33-11: 43 am – Tender Bar

Tye Sheridan (actor)
Lily Rabe (actor)

11: 44-11: 54 am – Hero

Asghar Farhadi (Writer / Director / Producer)

11:55 am-12:05 pm – Being Ricardos

Aaron Sorkin (writer / director)
Nicole Kidman (actor)
Javier Bardem (actor)
JK Simmons (actor)
Nina Arianda (actor)

Warner Bros. Pictures

12: 08-12: 18 pm – King Richard

Aunjanue Ellis (actor)

12: 19-12: 29 pm – at Heights

Olga Merediz (actor)

12: 35-2 pm – Lunch

Apple original film

2: 06-2: 16 pm – Swan song

Benjamin Cleary (Writer / Director)
Mahershala Ali (actor / producer)

2: 17-2: 27 pm – CODA

Sian Heder (writer / director)
Diane Lederman (Production Designer)

Apple Original Film / A24

2: 28-2: 38 pm – Macbeth’s tragedy

Carter Burwell (composer)
Alex Lemke (VFX Supervisor)
Michael Huber (VFX Supervisor)


2: 41-2: 51 pm – Zora

Janicza Bravo (Co-Writer / Director)
Jeremy O. Harris (co-author)
A’Ziah “Zola” King (based on Executive Producer / Tweet)

2: 52-3: 02 pm – Human

Stephen Column (Writer / Director / Producer)
Richard Jenkins (actor)
Amy Schumer (actor)
Jayne Houdyshell (actor)

Focus features

3: 05-3: 15 pm – Still Water

Tom McCarthy (Director / Screenwriter / Producer)
Matt Damon (actor)

3: 16-3: 26 pm – Card counter

Oscar Isaac (actor)
Paul Schrader (Director / Writer)

Warner Bros. Pictures

3: 29-3: 39 pm – Many Saints of Newark

David Chase (Creator / Producer / Co-Writer)
Alessandro Nivola (actor)
Ray Liotta (actor)

Live Streams, Schedules, Lineups – Deadlines

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