Lionsgate Preempts Sales Process Canal + Circling Starz – Deadline

Canal +, a division of the French conglomerate VivendiIncluded in the mix as potential suitors circle Lionsgate pay-TV and streamers StarzAccording to someone familiar with the situation.

Earlier this week, Deadline reported: Roku and Apollo Global management are bidding jointly for minority shareholders At Starz, DirecTV is also interested.

The first round of bidding began a few weeks before stakeholders were just beginning to access Starz data. LionsgateAcquired Starz for $ 4.4 billion in 2016, announced last fall that it is exploring strategic options for cable networks and streamers. Stars, a premium channel that is growing rapidly in streaming under Jeff Hirsch but couldn’t provide a bump to its parents, calculates that it can unleash its value by selling all or part of its assets. Did.

Lionsgate shares are trading in volatile markets for around $ 13, just a few dollars from the 52-week low, well below last summer’s high of $ 21. MA & in this sector is active. However, investors have recently become skeptical of the possibility of streaming. This is not the central role of the ecosystem, but the ability to benefit at a reasonable cost at a reasonable time.

Hirsch puts Starz on a “very bespoke, focused, R rating” aimed at a diverse female audience, as opposed to a wide range of services such as Netflix, Disney +, HBO Max, Amazon and Hulu. It is expressed as “layer”.

Starz Pure world streaming subscribers were 19.7 million According to the latest data at the end of last year, 1.7 million cases increased from the previous quarter and 44% from the previous year. By 2025, we are targeting 50-60 million subscribers. We plan to report fourth quarter figures later this month, but haven’t dated them yet.

Vivendi / Canal + is also targeting minority shareholders, according to the FT, which first reported interest from France.

Lionsgate Preempts Sales Process Canal + Circling Starz – Deadline

Source link Lionsgate Preempts Sales Process Canal + Circling Starz – Deadline

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