Liberia: Lord, this guy only shows his true self

Dear father:

There is a saying that one day his true self will appear, no matter how hard he tries to hide. Yes, a person’s true self (personality) describes who he / she really is, and a person cannot hide from him / her.

My son, why all these big, big books for na? Speak English in our village. Then we can all hear what you are saying.

Father Yemen, I apologize for the other chiefs of the traditional council here lying every day-if that uncle Na’s money is 15,000 episodes, the ticket is Bisnay and he won’t stop.

Well, everyone calls him a liar man in the village. Because the man seems to like to lie too much! He turned from light to darkness-poor …

But wait, was he the first Wright? If you’re a pure conned-artist man, you call him light around here.

Oh dad, but what I say Wattin. The man said he would go to the traditional council to become the only light in the dark. What his people don’t understand now is that light bulbs can attract all kinds of insects.

But if I don’t understand, must he be lying? Wasn’t it his own money? What was he trying to prove?

Father, the man was trying to impress his followers and other villagers who were easily fooled by him. And in doing so, he exposed his true self-it has been forged by him all the time. Father, I’m telling you, only fake people lie to impress. And, as you know your father, lies are their habit and it’s hard for them to tell the simple truth, so only fake people lie about simple things.

Money is yours, you can choose whatever you want with it, no one asks you-even if you decide to go to Charlie Land and upgrade, it’s your own comfort Not for anyone, but for everything you need to lie. You lied. As you know, it’s like a kid looking back at his food and stealing it.

But my son, hearing everything you’re talking about, I still don’t understand, was he forced to lie?

Father, if there is something in your nature, it doesn’t matter. Some people go behind the house to ease themselves, and when they are asked where you came from, they say nowhere. They are lying about all the simple things.

Interestingly, this main action isn’t too far from what they say about liars-they are always people who try to be something they aren’t.