LGBTQ Sophia di Martino reveals if she’s a witch – deadline

There was a fascinating story in the latest episode of Disney+ /Marvelof Loki, And we saw some fusion of minds during the new heroine Sylvie played by a British actress Sophia di Martino, Not only the title character of Tom Hiddleston, but also the TVA authority Hunter C-20 (Sasha Lane).

However, don’t give that title to Lady Loki yet.

In a conversation with the deadline, Di Martino admits she wasn’t specifically informed Loki A writer that she was a witch.

In recent millennial Marvel Comics folklore, Sylvie Rushton (aka Enchantress) was the average girl who lived in the small town of Broxton, Oklahoma, until the Asgards moved their homes there. She wakes up with magical power one day, and behold, they were given to her by Loki. She will eventually move to New York and join the Avengers.

“All I know is that the character is inspired by cartoons, but she’s Sylvie (Disney + series), which is a whole new backstory for her,” Dimartino Dead. Talk to the line.

Episode 3 turned out not only to find out about Sylvie, but to find out more about Loki that we didn’t know before. The episode was a big event for him.

There is a moment when Sylvie and Loki get to know each other in the train cafeteria. She asks Loki, “How about you? You are a prince. You must have been a princess, or maybe another prince.”

“Both bits,” Loki replies. “I think I’m the same as you, but nothing so far …”

“It’s real,” Sylvie said, ending the decision.

The actress said, “When we were filming it, we knew how important it was. (Director) Kate (Herron) was really keen on incorporating it into the show. People I’ve been waiting for it for a long time, and it’s been in the cartoon for a long time. It was really important to us, to her, and to many people. “

“In terms of playing it, I played it like any other scene,” says Di Martino about how she and Hiddleston approached the drama.According to Di Martino, some of the people on the set are the diner scenes of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. heat And how did those two handle the dialogue between their hands with subtle elegance?

“Two acquaintances are chatting on the train,” says Di Martino. The connection with it, and the reaction to it, is incredible. I’m glad I didn’t overdo it. “

Episode 3 begins with Loki chasing Sylvie, who split the universal timeline into several strands. Sylvie has a great influence on the anger of the TVA authorities who control it. Loki chases Sylvie, and there are many fights between them and others. But as the event boils, they learn that they are more similar.

Di Martino explains why Sylvie will take him to Loki right away in the episode: She sees him as this guy who is easy to roll. He seems to be in the way of her, and then mutual respect is born between them. “

Di Martino had previously collaborated with Heron in the 2017 shorts Smear specimen. Heron told us With a recent crew call When she pitched herself for Marvel Loki In the director’s job, there was already an actor she wanted to cast for the show. Di Martino submitted himself on tape in the two scenes and eventually scored that part without testing on the other side of Hiddleston.

Regarding whether Sylvie always knew about Loki. Whether he was part of her plan to constantly raise hell and confuse the TVA, Di Martino teases, “It would be interesting to see it.”

And as long as Sylvie gets her own spin-off Disney + / Marvel series?

“Your guess is as good as mine,” says Di Martino. “Even if they were thinking about it, they didn’t tell me.”

LGBTQ Sophia di Martino reveals if she’s a witch – deadline

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