Levi’s runs on 4TD and Kentucky is comparable to Louisville 52-21.

Louisville, Kentucky-Will Levis gladly took advantage of both strengths, given the large holes to run through and the time to throw the ball.

Levi’s rushed to a career record of 113 yards with four touchdowns, and Kentucky passed rival Louisville 52-21 on Saturday night to win the Governor’s Cup three times in a row.

The great contribution of his legs and arms helped Wildcats’ junior quarterback outperform Louisville alone (195-144) in half-time. Levi’s, who had a big hole in his draw play, rushed to the 29-yard and 7-yard TDs with his first two belongings, following Matt Laforo’s 43-yard field goal, with 1:53 remaining in the second quarter. Recorded a score of 5 yards.

He added a 1-yard TD in the third early stage and Kentucky (9-3) on the way to break through his previous rush vest of 108 yards against Rutgers on November 30, 2019 at Pennsylvania State University. ) Was raised to 31-7. Levi’s also completed 14 of the 149-yard 18 passes to outperform Louisville’s counterpart Malik Cunningham in a mobile quarterback match.

Levi’s, who set a career record in two TDs this season, including a match against New Mexico last week, said, “I called the same play four or five times.” I saw the opening, but it is advantageous to have a quarterback that has legs and can run. “

Cunningham rushed to the 2-yard TD, drew the match with 7 pieces, and completed 12 out of 20 passes at 145 yards before being taken to the dressing room with 10 minutes remaining. Evan Conley came in and threw an 8-yard TD pass, and Maurice Berkley rushed to the Cardinals with a 7-yard TD with 8 seconds remaining (6-6).

“They had the ball most of the first half, but it was just one of the snowballing nights at the time,” said Louisville coach Scott Satterfield. I hope the other side will welcome you. It didn’t happen tonight. “

Chris Rodriguez Jr. rushed 16 times with a TD of 121 yards and 2 yards, Cabois Smoke added a score of 13 yards, and Ravel Wright added one from 41 yards. Wandale Robinson caught 9 passes at 97 yards.

Kentucky’s three consecutive victories conclude the first nine-win regular season since 2018. Most importantly for Bowlbound Wildcats, they won their fourth Governor’s Cup in five meetings, including a third victory in their rival’s homefield. Kentucky has won a total of 153-44 in the last three meetings. Last year, the series was suspended as both teams played on a meeting-only schedule due to a pandemic.


Despite the consecutive routs of Vanderbilt and NMSU, Kentucky entered Louisville as a 21/2 point vulnerable. That didn’t work because Wildcats coach Mark Stoops and his team dominated the Cardinals three times in a row.

“I don’t know,” he said of spreads. “It made me angry, but I don’t know. Check the score.”

The moment of signing

The 22-yard scramble at the beginning of Levi’s fourth quarter included one of Louisville’s defenders making a terrible mistake before hurdle another. The highlight reel play set up Smoke’s TD after 2 plays.

Take away

Kentucky took control quickly and effectively behind Levi’s. Levi’s last week’s 4TD effort against NMSU included two turnovers. He had a lot of running rooms and clean pockets, so no gifts happened. Wildcats surpassed the Cardinals 511-352 and shut down the attack that scored 93 points in the last two games.

“You must play football for the attack to be effective,” said Mark Stoops. “A physical being must be there, and it was there tonight.”

Louisville initially appeared to be able to keep pace with Kentucky aggressively, but when Levi’s took off, its defenses could not be stopped or contained. It created a long day for the unit and made a deep hole for the Cardinal that Cunningham’s dual skills could not overcome. It leaves a lot of fixes to make before their bowl game.


Kentucky is waiting for a post-season destination.

Louisville is waiting for its destination after the season.


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Levi’s runs on 4TD and Kentucky is comparable to Louisville 52-21.

Source link Levi’s runs on 4TD and Kentucky is comparable to Louisville 52-21.

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