Lebanese documentary wins 2021 film award in Cannes

The film was directed by Australian and Lebanese filmmaker and journalist Daisy Gedeon.

Lebanese documentary Enough: Lebanon’s darkest time Won the 2021 Film Award at the Better World Fund (BWF) Gala in Cannes.

Directed by Australian and Lebanese filmmaker and journalist Daisy Gedeon, this documentary follows her personal and independent introspection of Lebanon’s recent turmoil.

Gedeon, who wrote on Instagram, said: “I’m really honored to win the Better World Fund’s Movie That Matters Award for my film” Enough: Lebanon’s Darkest Hour “at this week’s Cannes Film Festival. This movie reveals all the insidious powers currently working that ruin my beautiful hometown of Lebanon. “

She added in a statement: “Since I released my debut, I have returned to my country on a regular basis. Lebanon … the splendor of being imprisonedIn 1996, it addressed Lebanon’s misconception as a land of terrorism, car bombs, and kidnapping during the 15-year civil war between 1975 and 1990, portrayed by the Western media. But over the next 20 years, anger, despair, among those who have been forced to endure systems that cannot even provide reliable basic services and infrastructure, instead of seeing growth and development, progress in hopes and opportunities. I experienced despair. – No roads, no clean water, no electricity, no garbage collection, no work, no justice. “

Gideon and her family fled Lebanon during the national civil war in the 1970s.

Founded in 2016, the Movie That Matters Award is a rare honor given by filmfestivals.com to filmmakers with a powerful and inspiring message. Very few films have won this award since its inception.

The film was filmed on four continents over a four-year period and was triggered between the October 2019 Revolution and the millions of Lebanese diasporas gathered to help family and friends in their hometowns. Focuses on the social justice movement.

The documentary also includes exclusive interviews with key political leaders such as Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, former Minister of Justice, Salim Juraisati, Minister of Hezbollah, Muhammad Funaihi, and Central Bank Governor Riad Salame. ..

Lebanese documentary wins 2021 film award in Cannes

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