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Atlanta — The US Department of Education has approved Georgia’s plans to use a $ 1.4 billion federal coronavirus bailout.

Federal officials have already distributed two-thirds of the $ 4.2 billion that Georgia schools received under the US Rescue Program (a bailout bill backed by President Joe Biden). Most of the funding goes directly to more than 180 school districts in Georgia, with the State Board of Education holding $ 425 million to meet the needs of the entire state.

Georgia’s plans call for the placement of state-level academic recovery specialists, increased summer and after-school learning, and the establishment of school-based clinics. US Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona visited a school in DeKalb County on Friday, emphasizing federal assistance.

Pandemic Details:

— Some US states Shrink the virus Report despite a surge in cases

— Tanzania has 1 million J & J vaccines from the US

— Vietnam blocks Hanoi, the capital, for 15 days As the number of cases increases

-solidarity Jogging in the park Reopened throughout the UK

— For more information on AP coverage When

What else is happening:

New York — Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City states that New York City private companies need to impose vaccine requirements on their employees.

He says he has reached the “limit of a purely voluntary system.” On Friday’s WNYC radio, De Blasio told host Brian Lehrer that the city’s private hospitals and other private employers should be vaccinated or tested weekly.

Daily COVID-19 infections in New York have surged 327% since June 25, with most illnesses occurring among unvaccinated people.

De Blasio announced on Wednesday that it would require workers in New York City-run hospitals and clinics to be vaccinated or tested weekly.

Des Moines, Iowa — The state legislature responsible for overseeing Iowa’s response to the coronavirus pandemic cannot meet due to lack of members.

The Des Moines Register reports that seven of the 11 seats in the Iowa Department of Health are available. The Health Commission is made up of individuals, including medical and public health professionals, who advise the Iowa Department of Health.

Members are appointed by Governor Kim Reynolds. According to state law, a political party cannot exceed half and one of the members of the legislature. The board currently has three Republicans, one politically independent and no Democrats. The last time I met was May 12th and I have no plans to meet again until September 8th.

London — A few days after all remaining blockade restrictions were lifted in the United Kingdom, systematic practice resumed throughout the United Kingdom on Saturday for the first time since the pandemic began.

After 16 months of solo jogging, the return of a weekly 5km large park run in the UK was a blast of widespread delight.

Orchids, open to anyone regardless of age, gender or ability, have become more and more popular over the last few years and may have improved the country’s health.

And people don’t have to run. It’s okay to walk. Runner Cameron Dokkaril said, “It was a very lonely time. It’s very uplifting to be here.”

Omaha, Nebraska — Just as cases across the country have tripled, several states have reduced their reports of the coronavirus this month. Delta variants of the virus are spreading rapidly among unvaccinated individuals in some states.

The transition to weekly reports instead of daily reports in Florida, Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota has reduced the details of the virus in Florida and Nebraska. Some officials have characterized this move as part of their return to normal. However, the average number of new viruses nationwide has risen from 11,500 on June 20 to nearly 38,000 this week.

In Florida’s last two-week report, the number of new cases increased from 23,000 to 45,000 and increased to 73,000 on Friday, averaging over 10,000 days. In some parts of the state, hospital space is starting to run out.

In Nebraska, two weeks after Governor Pete Ricketts declared the end of an official virus emergency, the state stopped reporting the virus altogether, and reporters either filed a request for public records or state data. I had to visit a national website to learn about COVID statistics. Nebraska officials backtracked two weeks later and posted a weekly site that provided some basic numbers.

Public health communications expert Joseph Capella said the spin that these report changes were part of the return to normal was inconsistent with recent cases. The state’s coronavirus dashboard has become a staple for close tracking of case numbers and trends to survive the crisis that killed more than 600,000 Americans.

Paris — Far-right activists and members of the Yellow Vest movement in France are protesting new anti-virus measures on Saturday.

French parliamentarians are discussing a bill that requires everyone to have a special virus path to enter restaurants and other places and requires all health care workers to be vaccinated with COVID-19. increase.

The number of virus infections in France is increasing rapidly, and hospitalizations are increasing. The government is trying to speed up vaccination to protect vulnerable people, protect hospitals and avoid new blockages. Most French adults are fully vaccinated, and polls show that the majority support new measures.

But not everyone. Last weekend, more than 100,000 people protested across France in opposition to the measure.

Tokyo — Olympic host cities often offer tens of thousands of journalist excursions to promote tourist destinations.

But this time around, we’re trying to keep our Olympic visitors in a carefully managed bubble, separated from Tokyo’s 14 million inhabitants. Its efforts include a lottery for night tours to historical museums and historic gardens where journalists need to pledge not to talk to the locals.

The first stop I recently visited was the 400-year-old Hamarikyu Garden on the edge of Tokyo Bay. About 600 people visited that day. Then they closed the park, the locals went out and the visitors arrived.

Many trained their cameras at the 1964 Olympic Games exhibition held within 20 years of World War II. At the opening ceremony, 8,000 white pigeons were released as a symbol of peace.

Now the game is here again, but not so blessing. In the world around them, the virus killed more than 4 million people within two years.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania — Tanzania received the first batch of 1 million Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines donated by the US Government.

Tanzania is one of the few countries in Africa that has not yet been vaccinated or started to vaccinate the population, mainly because former leaders claimed that prayer had defeated COVID-19 in the country. did. The vaccine was received by the Foreign Minister and the US Ambassador at the airport in Dar es Salaam.

Former Tanzania president John Magufuli, who died in March, refused to accept the vaccine in June 2020 after claiming that a three-day prayer had healed the country of the virus.

Magufuli’s Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan became president in line with the national constitution and became the first female president in Tanzania.

Hassan has overturned Tanzania’s practice of denying the spread of COVID-19 in East African countries.

Beijing — The Chinese government has stated that all counties in the southwestern part of the country near Myanmar will be tested for the coronavirus following a surge in infection.

According to the announcement, businesses and schools in Jiangcheng County, Yunnan will be closed on Monday and Tuesday while nucleic acid testing is taking place. Entry and exit to the county is prohibited.

Yunnan reported a surge in infections caused by nearby Myanmar, where the junta, which seized power in February, was struggling to contain the surge in the case. According to the Yunnan Provincial Health Department, 297 people are being treated for the virus, including 218 who are believed to have been infected abroad.

Miami-Pandemic restrictions on Florida-based cruise ships are no longer enforced under the latest decision by the Federal Court of Appeals, but the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention fights a Florida lawsuit against the regulation. I’m trying.

A committee of three judges from the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily blocked last Saturday’s ruling in favor of Florida authorities, but the court overturned that decision on Friday and the CDC appealed. He explained that he was unable to qualify for a pending stay. Last weekend’s temporary stay maintained CDC regulations on Florida-based cruise ships.

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has defended the CDC’s multi-step process of allowing cruises from Florida to be overwhelming, with billions of dollars providing jobs and income for about 159,000 people raised by the state. It claims to be damaging both industries of scale.

However, by maintaining the rules, the CDC can prevent future outbreaks of COVID-19 on vessels vulnerable to virus spread due to frequent berthings in densely populated areas and foreign ports. Said.

“Indisputable evidence shows that unregulated cruise ship operations exacerbate the COVID-19 epidemic and the harm to the public resulting from such operations cannot be undone.” Said the CDC in a court filing.

Hanoi, Vietnam — Vietnam has announced a 15-day blockade in its capital, Hanoi, due to the spread of coronavirus outbreaks from the southern Mekong Delta region.

A blockade order issued late Friday night bans public rallies of two or more people. Only government offices, hospitals and important companies can continue to operate.

At the beginning of the week, the city stopped all outdoor activities and ordered the closure of unimportant businesses following an increase in incidents.

On Friday, Hanoi reported 70 confirmed infections. This is part of a record 7,295 infections in the country. Nearly 5,000 people are from the southern part of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s largest city, and the blockade was extended until August 1.

Sydney — Thousands of people went to the streets of Sydney and other Australian cities to protest the blockade restrictions as incidents surged.

Police arrested several times after the crowd broke through the barrier and threw plastic bottles and plants. Unmasked participants marched from Sydney’s Victoria Park to City Hall in the Central Business District, hoisting signs for “freedom” and “truth.”

There was a heavy police presence in Sydney, including mounted police and riot police, in response to authorities saying it was an unauthorized protest. Police confirmed several arrests. Police in New South Wales said they recognized and endorsed freedom of speech and the right to peaceful assembly, but the protest was a breach of public health orders.

Latest: Ministry of Education Approves Georgia Relief Fund Plan | Work

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