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The latest information on the Tokyo Olympics, which is being held under strict restrictions one year behind due to the coronavirus pandemic:

Australia set a 1: 1 record with Olympic softball and defeated Italy 1-0 with Olympic softball. Jadewall hit the Lanscore single in the second inning, and Kaia Panaby took three batters in the seventh inning. Australia ranked 4th out of 6 teams in the opening round to Japan, with Italy dropping 0-2.

Taylah Tsitsikronis doubled off Greta Cecchetti, diving second baseman Andrea Filler, backhanded and then advanced on Tarni Stepto’s ground out, with Wall hitting a two-out infield hit.

Italy’s Giulia Longhi singled with two outs in the seventh inning, pinch runner Fabrizia Marone stole second, and Laura Vina walked nine pitches.

Ellen Roberts, who played a college ball in Memphis, made her Olympic debut after Panaby threw 85 pitches, and Marta Gasparotto adopted the three-strikes law.

The American beach volleyball player Taylor Club will not participate in the Olympics after testing positive for four COVID-19 tests. When the competition begins this weekend, Triborn will partner with four-time Olympic athlete Jake Give.

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The club confirmed its withdrawal on Thursday in a statement to the Associated Press, saying it had been vaccinated negative before leaving the United States but was positive when it arrived in Japan.

“Thankfully, I have no symptoms, but I’m deeply disappointed that I can’t join Jake on the sand and compete as a member of Team USA,” the club said. “I want Jake to take part in the fourth Olympics and bring back the medals. Incredible athletes, people, and best friend Tri Bourne compete with Jake to spot my spot on Team USA. I will fill it. “

The Olympic beach volleyball tournament will begin on Saturday at Shiokaze Park in Tokyo, with Gibb and Bourne scheduled to play their first match against Italy on Sunday night.

The International Olympic Committee has stated that it will begin including images of athletes kneeling on official highlight reels and social media channels.

On Wednesday, players from five women’s soccer teams knelt in support of racial justice. This is the first day allowed at the Olympics after decades of bans.

However, these images have been excluded from the official Tokyo Olympics highlight package provided by the IOC to media such as the Associated Press, which could not broadcast the game live.

The official Olympic social media channel also did not contain pictures of the athlete’s activities.

“The IOC covers the Games on a platform it owns and operates and will include such moments,” the Olympic organization said Thursday in a clear policy change.

The host country, Japan, beat Mexico 3-2 with a softball to 2-0 at the Tokyo Olympics.

Mana Atsumi’s squeeze bunt single scored 1 in 8 times, and automatic runner Eri Yamada scored.

Agatsuma Haruka’s grounder, who had Daniel O’Toole in 2nd place, raised Yamada to 3rd place, and Atsumi bunted at 0-1 pitch. Yamada ran on the pitch and slipped home prior to Amanda Sanchez’s throw.

Mexico, which was 0-2 in the first Olympics, drew the score 2-2 because Yamada dropped Anissa Urtez’s fly to the center in the 7th inning and was judged to be a single.

One of the social media sensations of the Rio Olympics does not compete in Tokyo. Dan Craven of Namibia tested positive for COVID-19 in Spain, where a former professional cyclist lives with his family.

It was that timing that was even more devastating.

Craven told a Namibian newspaper that he was trying to get the COVID-19 vaccine through the Spanish national health system. “But the bureaucracy for registration was crazy.”

“I got a call that I could get the vaccine two hours after the test was positive,” says Craven.

A tall, sloppy rider with a bushy red beard said on his Instagram page that he had caught the virus on a training ride with three others. He was supposed to be the only starting point in Namibia, where he was born, but tested positive before the event and was replaced by Tristan de Lange in the race to Fuji Speedway on Saturday.

Four more residents of the Olympic Village, including two athletes, tested positive for COVID-19. A total of 91 people certified for the Tokyo Olympics have been positive since the beginning of July.

Dutch skateboarder Candy Jacobs and Czech table tennis player Pavel Sirucek tested positive and had to leave the village to enter the quarantine hotel.

Two additional “game players” (category including team coaches and executives) staying in a village overlooking Tokyo Bay were positive.

The 91 cases do not include athletes who tested positive at home before their scheduled trip to Tokyo.

The United States got off to a 2-0 start with the Olympic softball and beat Canada 1-0.

Monica Abbott combined a batter in the sixth inning with center fielder Haley McClenny and second baseman Ali Aguilar to eliminate the possibility of tying on the plate.

Americans have been well attacked in an attempt to recover the gold medal lost to Japan in 2008.

Abbott hit 9, walked 3, and needed 102 pitches to throw one American batter in a row. Cat Osterman, 38, was a senior American player who hit 9 in 6 innings, Abbott sided in the 7th inning and beat Italy 2-0 on Wednesday.

Amanda Chidester hit the RBI single with her fifth loser, Jenna Kayla, and McClenny walked 3 to 3 to reach the base seven times in two games.

The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games has fired the director of the opening ceremony after making a Holocaust joke at the 1998 comedy show.

Seiko Hashimoto, chairman of the Organizing Committee, said Kentaro Kobayashi, director of the opening ceremony, was dismissed. Kobayashi was accused of using jokes about the Holocaust in his comedy act, including the phrase “Play the Holocaust” in one of his shows.

His dismissal will take place the day before the opening ceremony of the pandemic delay game on Friday.

Earlier this week, the composer, whose music will be used at the opening ceremony, was forced to resign due to the past bullying of his classmates, who boasted in a magazine interview.

We hope Naomi Osaka will face China’s 52nd place Zheng Saisai and Novak Djokovic will face Bolivia’s 139th place Hugo Dellien in the opening round of the Tokyo Olympic Tennis Tournament.

A lottery was held two days before the start of play at Ariake Tennis Park.

Osaka is back in competition after withdrawing from the French Open following the first round to take a mental health break.

Djokovic is about to become the first man to complete the Golden Slam by winning all four major tennis tournaments and Olympic singles gold medals in the same year.

Defending Olympic champion Andy Murray received a tough opening round draw against Canada’s 15th-placed Felix Auger Aliassim.

Russian swimmer Ilya Borodin, the European champion of the 400-meter individual medley, will not be able to compete in the Tokyo Olympics after a positive coronavirus test.

The Russian Swimming Federation states that Borodin tested positive at a training camp in the city of Vladivostok in Far Eastern Russia.

Shortly before he was expected to travel to Japan with other Russian swimmers, a positive test came.

Federal Vice President Victor Avdienko told Tass that Borodin was quarantined, other members of the team were negative on the test, and in the case of Borodin no one was considered in close contact.

Jill Biden embarked on her first solo international trip as the First Lady, leading the US delegation to the Tokyo Olympics.

On the way, she stopped by Alaska. There she praised her efforts to vaccinate residents in rugged remote areas, but said her work was not done.

She has a solid agenda for about 48 hours in the Japanese capital.

She will arrive in Tokyo on Thursday afternoon and will have dinner with Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and his wife Mariko Suga.

She will hold a virtual gathering with members of Team USA on Friday to meet the Reigning Emperor at the Imperial Palace. She attends the opening ceremony of the evening convention.

She also hosts a US-Mexico softball watch party at the US Embassy for staff and their families, supporting US athletes competing in several events before leaving Tokyo.

Australia’s top Olympic official and the current Prime Minister of Queensland, where the 2032 Summer Olympics will be held, early tried the old saying that sports and politics do not mix.

Hours after Brisbane was given control of the Games 11 years after the International Olympic Committee vote in Tokyo on Wednesday, Australian Olympic Committee President John Coates said Anastasia Para, Queensland. He expressed a public disagreement with Prime Minister Shek.

Problems at a late-night press conference in Tokyo? Whether members of Parasek and other city delegations should attend the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics on Friday.

Palaszczuk showed that she would stay in a hotel room.

This was incompatible with the IOC’s strong vice president and one of the driving forces behind Brisbane, Coates, who quickly acquired hosting rights without actual competition.

Coates told Parashek that she and others were at home and could not sit in her room.

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Latest: Australia beat Italy 1-0 with Olympic softball | National

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