Large restaurant and art gallery space opening soon in Ballston

Combining a 6,200-square-foot restaurant and art gallery, WHINO will open in Ballston Quarter next week.

First announced August 2018At the venue, a 150-seat restaurant and craft cocktail bar will be combined to create a “fusion of American and international flavors” and a pop art gallery that invites patrons to “live in a large mural installation.” Combine.

WHINO is located on the 2nd floor of the shopping center, at 4238 Wilson Boulevard. It is scheduled to open on June 18th (Friday).

I’m from Shane Poma Jumbo, a DC-based art curator. Blind Wino And other prominent galleries in the area.The Arlingtons may know him as the person behind him Crystal City’s large-scale street art show 10 years ago.

Poma Jumbo tells ARLnow that he chose Ballston as his next venture location. This is because there is “heavy traffic” and the neighbors are “core demographics”.

Serve late-night crowds, at least later in the week. From Thursday to Saturday, WHINO is open until 2am.

According to the press release, the murals at the venue cover 12 different genres and focus on a new art movement known as the “Groin / Pop Surrealist”.

Many murals are rotated regularly, new art appears every month, and a “living art gallery” is created. Washingtonian I will report. The current list of mural activists includes artists. Dragon76, People who have just finished Huge mural in Houston In connection with the United Nations project.

There is also a retail store at the venue, with limited edition sculptures by artists from around the world selling for $ 50 to $ 300.

The restaurant is set up to accommodate 152 diners on an open floor plan with 6 different areas, including a 25-seat kitchen bar, a 51-foot craft cocktail bar, and an 11-seat drink tasting bar.

The small plate menu is by New Jersey-born Greek-American executive chef Eleftherios (Terry) Natas, who previously worked at El Centro in Washington, DC. Mike Isabella’s Grafino.. There are many items influenced by the Greek background of Natas, such as smoked octopus and gyro meat wrapped in Philo dough. There are also handmade ricotta gnocchi, porchetta sliders and scallop aguachili.

β€œThe menu is designed to encourage exploration, as small plate dishes give guests the opportunity to experience more flavor profiles,” says Poma Jumbo.

Many other long-awaited businesses plan to open in Ballston in the coming months. Salt lineLook at the summer debut.The popular plant shop REWILD Planning for the opening in July While the chicken restaurant Farmbird is in service this week..

Other recent restaurant openings expected to open in Ballston include: Ballston local, El Rey, Hawkers Asian Street Fair, And Quincy Hall..

Heart + Paw, Veterinarian, Pet Groomer, Dog Day Care Combination, Opened last month In the same way.

Large restaurant and art gallery space opening soon in Ballston

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