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Phoenix (AP) — Some members of the country preparing to celebrate Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday are enthusiastic about Arizona’s conservatives in support of the downturn in federal election law. I am mobilizing.

Martin Luther King III; his wife, Arundrea Waters King. Daughter Yolanda Lenny King, 13, will participate in a field campaign for voting rights in Phoenix on Saturday. They march with local activists and supporters of the Pilgrimrest Baptist Church, a predominantly black church, and talk about the importance of “no celebration without the law.”

“Our daughter has less voting rights than when she was born,” King, the eldest son of a civil rights leader, said in an interview. “I can’t imagine what my mom and dad would say about it. I’m sure they’re flipping about this over and over again in their graves.”

Arizona is one of 19 states that passed more than 30 state voting laws last year, with a long line ban on watering voters and stricter voting signing requirements, King said. I call it. He said they make it difficult for people, especially voters, to vote.

Another reason the family chose to appear in Arizona is to send a message to Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema.

President Joe Biden ends West Virginia Democrats Cinema and Joe Manchin’s filibuster, which requires the support of 60 out of 100 senators to pass most bills. I asked for it.

However, Cinema poured cold water on the voting bill on Thursday, revealing in a dramatic speech on the Senate floor that it could not move forward by changing the rules of filibuster. She said filibuster would force bipartisan cooperation. Otherwise, Republicans can be abolished and replaced each time they take power.

“We must tackle the illness itself, the illness of division, in order to protect democracy,” said Cinema, disappointed by fellow Democrats.

According to King, Simena cannot block the path at the same time as expressing support for the bill.

“History will unfriendlyly remember Senator Cinema about her position in filibuster,” he said.

The petition from the King family brings a particularly strong voice to the increasingly tense campaign to put pressure on the cinema to change her mind. Progressive groups set up signs, aired television ads, and activists harassed the cinema at Arizona State University’s bathrooms and at a friend’s wedding served by the Senator.

Democrats in Congress have created a voting bill that pioneered a review of the largest US elections of its generation by breaking down the hurdles to voting in the name of election security. Legislation will also reduce the huge impact on politics and limit the party’s influence on the drawing of parliamentary districts.

It also includes the John Lewis Voting Promotion Act, a bill that strengthens the voting legislation of the civil rights era and respects the legacy of Georgian legislators.

Proponents wanted the bill to progress by the MLK holiday. King was still encouraged and urged people to take actions such as signing petitions and calling the senator. The holiday is “a relaxing barbecue, not just a traditional celebration to relax,” he said. “This is about working.”

Rev. Jesse Jackson, who has worked closely with Martin Luther King, Jr. as a young man, said Friday that he was worried about the current lack of political consensus on voting rights. Earlier, the Republicans and Democrats in Washington voted to reapprove the Voting Rights Act of 1965, both of which acknowledged the historical nature of legislation.

“The right to vote was the pinnacle of the civil rights struggle,” Jackson said in a telephone interview, adding that “we are in a desperate situation.”

Ultimately, he agrees with members of the King family who are pushing for a different tone to celebrate MLK Day until Congress acts under the voting bill.

“I don’t have time to celebrate,” Jackson said. “It’s time to demonstrate and march in large numbers. In this battle we just can’t silently observe.” ___

Associated Press writer Jonathan J. Cooper of Phoenix and Aaron Morrison of New York contributed to this report.

King’s Family Gathering in Arizona to Vote for MLK Day Bill | WGN Radio 720

Source link King’s Family Gathering in Arizona to Vote for MLK Day Bill | WGN Radio 720

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