Kausar Mohammed, Wilder Yari and Theo Germaine join CW reboot – deadline

Exclusive: Kausal Mohammed (Saeed Family Christmas Eve Game Night), Wilder Yari (L World Generation Q) And Theo Germaine (politician) Is set to a role that is frequently repeated 4400, CW2004 Rethinking the USA Network science fiction drama series.

Based on the original television series created by Scott Peters and Rene Echevaria, 4400 Hail from Riverdale Co-executive producers Ariana Jackson, Sunil Nayer, and bear-challenged Anna Flick and Laura Terry, who wrote the pilots.

of 4400Over the past century, at least 4,400 people who have been overlooked, undervalued, or marginalized have disappeared from the surface of the Earth without leaving a trace. Mysteriously, they returned to Detroit last night in less than a day, with no memory of what had happened. As the government understands the phenomenon, analyzes potential threats, and competes to contain the story, Jarrell (empathetic social worker Joseph David Jones and enhanced community corrector Keisha ( Iron Roach) to deal with eerie refugees.

Mohammed plays Solaya, a friend of Jahar (David Jones) who works at IT and one of the people called to help handle the thousands of people coming down to Detroit out of nowhere. .. As a recognized sci-fi geek herself, she doesn’t even know the weirdest potential that could cause the return of all these people.

Yari is Jessica, an agent of all businesses, DHS, when she was called to tackle the mystery of thousands of people who suddenly appeared in Detroit. She has been in love with Detroit parole officer Ireon Roach for six months and is pleased that Keisha was called in to tackle a strange situation.

Germain depicts Noah, one of the 4400s that mysteriously appeared on Bell Island. Teens away from family and home, like Mildred (Autumn Best) and Hayden (AMARR) (although Noah was taken away most recently) in the past). These three find normal in chaos and combine together to explore new situations.

4400 He also starred Brittany Devmora as Shanice, TL Thompson as Andre, Jay Ladymore as Claudette, Derrick A. King as Rev. Johnston, Hyra Johnson as Radonna, and Corey Jacoma as Logan.

Executive Producer of Jackson, Nayal, Fricke and Terry. CBS Studio is a studio.

A Holiday Romantic Comedy Star Written by Mohammed Saeed Family Christmas Eve Game Night, Directed by Fawzia Mirza, who premiered at TIFF 2021, it is currently developing into a feature film. Mohammed was featured in this year’s ViacomCBS Diversity 2021 Showcase and is the series leader in Paul Feig’s drama. East of Loverea. Mohammed is represented by DDO artists Chicago, LEWK Management, and Eric Fague Entertainment & Media Law.

Spear was recently seen in the second season of the showtime hit drama series The L Word: Generation Q. On the film side, they recently wrapped up the production of Kryzz Gautier’s SF short film. Keep deleting, Release date undecided. The Pantheon Talent and Entertainment Lab is in charge of the spear.

Germaine is John Logan’s untitled feature director debut and will be the next star, formerly known as Blumhouse. Whisler camp. Germaine is best known for Ryan Murphy politician Netflix and Abby McEnany Work in progress Lilly Wachowski is executive producer for showtime. Germaine is handled by Gray Talent Group, Avalon Management, Frankfurt Kumit Klein & Selz.

Kausar Mohammed, Wilder Yari and Theo Germaine join CW reboot – deadline

Source link Kausar Mohammed, Wilder Yari and Theo Germaine join CW reboot – deadline

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