Karnataka Government Requests Bangalore IT Companies to Extend WFH

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], August 25 (ANI): The Government of Karnataka requested on Tuesday to extend employee telecommuting to December 2022 in light of traffic congestion on the outer ring road due to the construction of the Bengalur Metro. ..

In a letter to the National Association of Software Services Companies (NASSCOM) of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, “BMRCL has begun metro construction work on the Outer Ring Road (ORR) from Central Silkboard to KR Plum, and the same is about. It can last from 1.5 to 2 years. ORR has many large tech parks and campuses of IT companies, carrying heavy traffic throughout the day. 6 lanes and service roads. Despite this, the ORR is famous for its long-standing traffic congestion. ” He emphasized that he provided some relief. However, with the start of subway construction in ORR, it becomes very difficult to control traffic movements in ORR, especially if IT companies resume work from their offices.

The state government said it has taken some steps by implementing bus lanes (BPL) and safe bicycle lanes to provide alternative options for the movement of people working or passing through the ORR. ..

“In addition to these measures to promote mass transit and cycling as an alternative option for commuting on the ORR, IT companies, especially in the ORR, may extend the telecommuting option for most employees until December 2022. Very informative. And / or IT parks / companies may be advised to stagger the working hours of employees who physically work in the office. IT employees who need to physically attend the office , It is advisable to take a bus (BM’l’C / Company) because these buses run in the bus lane. “

“Please circulate this advisory to IT companies in ORR to ensure that infrastructure development activities are carried out smoothly, which will alleviate future traffic congestion,” he urged. (ANI)

Karnataka Government Requests Bangalore IT Companies to Extend WFH

Source link Karnataka Government Requests Bangalore IT Companies to Extend WFH

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