Karl Rove headlines Illinois General Assembly Adam Kinzinger’s virtual fundraising campaign on March 31

Washington — Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s fundraising campaign is presided over by Karl Rove and Republican Rep. Hosts the Republican Party. Members who voted to impeach him.

The co-sponsors (more than 150 invitations received by the Chicago Sun-Times) include two high-ranking Trump nominees from Illinois. Former CEO of AmeriCorps.

Kinzinger with Democrats to impeach Trump about his role in the January 6 attack on the Capitol while Congress was taking final steps to verify Joe Biden’s presidential election. He is one of the 10 Republicans who voted.

Kinzinger emerged as a national leader of the Republican non-Trump faction because he accepted the willingness to condemn the conspiracy theory and the lie that Trump had won the election. He was also one of 11 Republicans who voted for the Democratic Party to remove freshman Marjorie Taylor Greene from the committee and accepted QAnon’s conspiracy theory and threats that could harm the Democratic Party.

Trump’s demand for unwavering loyalty has triggered a civil war within the party between Trump Republicans and those who want to move on.

A virtual event on March 31 featuring veteran Republican strategist, former president George W. Bush’s chief adviser, and FOX News contributor Rove is for Kinzinger’s election fund, Kinzinger Parliament. ..

As of December 31, the fund had $ 1.5 million in cash on hand, according to Federal Election Commission records, a formidable start to his next campaign.

Kinzinger is using his Future First Leadership PAC, another political war board, to step up his “country first” drive to build a movement to weaken Trump’s grip on the Republicans.

When the 2020 census figures are released, Illinois is expected to lose at least one of its current 18 seats, and in some cases two.Kinzinger currently represents the vast 16th A district that covers parts of 14 counties west, north, and south of Chicago.

So far, the main Republican challenger to Kinzinger for his home seat is Trump’s Loyalist Catalina Rauff, who worked in his administration. She recently traveled to Trump’s Florida home at his Marago Resort. “I was there to discuss how I would help President Trump move the America First agenda forward,” Rauff told the Sun Times in a text.

Eleven of Kinzinger’s relatives signed two letters to blow him up in an impeachment vote, but the co-sponsors on March 31 were Kinzinger’s parents Jody and Ruskin Zinger, and his brother. Nate is included.

The list of top Republican donors in Illinois, co-sponsoring Kinzinger’s funders, includes John Cunning and his wife Rita. Craig Ducosois and his wife, Janet. Susan Crown and her husband, William Cankler. David Erotic; Michael Kaiser; Barry McLean; John Lowe; and Munia Satter.

Co-sponsors also include Mark Denzler, President and CEO of the Illinois Manufacturers Association. International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 PAC; President and CEO of Illinois General Assembly Todd Maish. Allen Hansen, Republican Chairman of Grundy County. Former Senator Mark Kirk; State Senator Sue Resin has a lawn in its legislative district that overlaps part of Kinzinger’s House constituency.

Earlier this month, Trump launched an attack on Loeb after criticizing Trump’s speech to the Conservative Political Activities Council in a column in The Wall Street Journal. Trump called Rove a “exaggerated fool” in his “Save America” ​​PAC statement.

Part 16th After remapping the House constituency, the district will no longer exist in its current form. Kinzinger hasn’t announced plans for 2022, but this March 31 fundraising campaign is his choice, whether he seeks another term or decides to run for the Senate or Governor. Helps to maintain. Donation levels range from $ 250 to $ 11,600.

Kinsinger, a member of the Air National Guard, who worked last week, is seen as more interested in Congress than in the 2022 challenge to Governor JB Pritzker. Senator Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill. Since the second term, there have been no important GOP challengers so far.

Third-quarter funding disclosures ending March 31 will be published in mid-April.

Karl Rove headlines Illinois General Assembly Adam Kinzinger’s virtual fundraising campaign on March 31

Source link Karl Rove headlines Illinois General Assembly Adam Kinzinger’s virtual fundraising campaign on March 31

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