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Where can I buy $ 4 per gallon of gasoline?

If you’re planning a trip on the interstate highway, here are some of the best practices in the area: Monticello, Taxcola, Decatur.

according to GasBuddy.comThere was at least one station selling regular unleaded gallons for under $ 4 on Friday in all three cities, which are gas price database and analytics sites.

The four Tascholastic stations (Fuel Mart, Loves, Road Ranger, BP), right next to the I-57, boasted a price of less than $ 4 on Friday morning. Prices ranged from $ 3.93 to $ 3.95. In central eastern Illinois, the price of pumps was low only in Paris.

In the Champaign-Urbana region, Thursday’s average lead-free gallon is $ 4.40, higher than Decatur ($ 4.12) but lower than Danville ($ 4.50), according to AAA. Throughout the state, the average gallon of gasoline on Friday was $ 4.68.

J. Drewshare, the city’s administrator, doesn’t know what to do with the difference. Loves Travel Stop has been busy most of the time since it opened about a year and a half ago, he said.

“We don’t have a municipal petrol tax, but it’s pretty small — it certainly doesn’t explain the difference of 20, 30, or 40 cents,” Hoel said.

Decatur, Danville, Champaign and Urbana all impose a nickel property tax of 5 cents on non-diesel fuel.

US gas prices have been steadily declining for the past six weeks after a national average price per gallon peaked at $ 5.03 in mid-June. On Friday morning, an average US gallon of gasoline sold for $ 4.23.

According to Chief Analyst Patrick DeHaan, more than 55,000 gas stations in GasBuddy’s database sold a gallon for less than $ 3.99 on Thursday. By then, the average gas price in 17 provinces, including Missouri, Kentucky, Iowa, and Wisconsin, was less than $ 4.

In April, the Illinois Parliament resolved to suspend the planned two-cent increase in the state’s motor fuel tax. The suspension was part of a package aimed at bringing a $ 1.8 billion tax cut to Illinois residents.

To help Governor JB Pritkzer pay for the Illinois Reconstruction Infrastructure Plan, Illinois legislators doubled the state’s vehicle fuel tax from 19 cents to 38 cents in June 2019 and raised it regularly annually. ..

Without the bailout package, the state’s petrol tax (currently 39 cents per gallon) would have risen to 41.1 cents in July.

Just Askin’| $ 4 Gas per Gallon | Economy

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