Juhi Chaura breaks silence after being accused of publicity

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 9 (ANI): Juhi Chaura, who turned from an actor to an environmentalist, argued on Monday that he had filed a proceeding against the deployment of 5G wireless network technology to gain publicity.

Juhi used Instagram to post a 14-minute video. There, he explained how the battle against the installation of the cellular tower began. She revealed that she saw 14 cellular towers suddenly appear at the Sahyadri Guest House, right in front of her house. Later, she came across a news article explaining the harmful effects of cell radiation on human health.

Juhi, who has been actively raising awareness of the harmful effects of radio frequency radiation (RF), filed a proceeding on May 31 against the introduction of 5G mobile technology in India. She said 5G technology exposes humans and animals to 10 to 100 times more RF radiation than they currently have.

However, her proceeding was dismissed by Judge JR Mida, who retired a few months ago. Judge Midha passed the ruling last month, but said plaintiffs (Juhi Chawla and two others) abused the legal process. Judge Mida also charged plaintiffs a cost of Rs 200,000. The court also in turn stated that the proceedings seemed to be for publicity.

In response to such a claim, Juhi said, “No matter what happened in June, I was hurt and confused. On the other hand, while receiving bad news and publicity, strangers said,” Such One of the messages was a message from a group of farmers in Maharashtra that shed tears. They wanted to carry out a voluntary drive to raise a small amount of money from each of the 10,000 farmers. I was fined for helping the community pay a lot of fines. At such moments, no matter what, the health concerns of many simple people in my country. Thank you for calling out, as I was able to see more clearly when the storm subsided and noticed the important, timely and relevant influential questions I raised. I calmed down and became stronger. If not, would the world erupt that way? “She further said. , “While I’m silent, all this b I think silence has a deafening sound in itself, so I discover EMF radiation, its health effects, and the apparent ignorance of certain authorities11 During the year’s journey, I’d like to share some details of some of the most important and shocking events. Alongside the “in this regard.” Clip, Juhi decides if it’s a promotional stunt. I even asked her followers to do so. (ANI)

Juhi Chaura breaks silence after being accused of publicity

Source link Juhi Chaura breaks silence after being accused of publicity

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